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Download your free PDF file of the chevrolet trailblazer on our comprehensive online database of automotive owners manuals. : Chevy Chevrolet Trailblazer Owners Manual: Car Electronics . Record 6 – 17 Full text of ” Chevrolet Trailblazer Owner Manual”. See other . Rear Seats Rear Seat Operation Safely Belts Salety Belts.

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This setting also engages your front axle and delivers extra torque.

Download the Chevy Trailblazer Owners Manual

Si you wanl Lo go lo another station within lhal category and trip category is displayed, press eitn-er SEEK arrow once. Make sure ihe release button on too bucKle is positioned so you would be able to unbuckle I ho safety bell quickly 1? The display will change to show you the selected fan speed ana the driver’s side temperature selling lor five seconds.

Fuel range cannot he rosen. When replacing the battery, use care not Id touch any of the circuitry. Flash-to-Pass This fealure lets you use your high-beam headlamps to signal a. NO TRAF will appear on the drsplay When a traffic announcement comes on the grailblazer station or on a related network station, you will hear it, oven it ihe volume is muted or a compact disc is playing.

A I Air bags are in many vehicles today and will bo irt most of them in he future.

This dust could cause breathing problems for people with a history of asthma or other breathing trouble. Turn ihe hand In control I tie windshield wipers You can set the wiper speed for a long or short delay batwean wipes, this can be very useful in lighl rain or snow.


It your vehicle has powei seat controls, the vertical power seal control described earlier allows the seatback to roclino. A; Add-on child restraints, which are purchased by ihe vQhsplB s owner are available ownres four basic types. See Service Four-Wheel Drive?

You can also turn oft rhe ala- -ti Uy pressing unlock on ihe remote key ess entry transmitter, 1 he alarm won’t stem if you try to unlock a door any oilier way Testing the Alarm The alarm can be tested by following these steps: I hose pos urons allow you to signal a turn or a lane change To signal a turn move the lover a I the way up or down When the turn is finished. Modifications made to the engine, Iransmission, exhaust, intake trailblxzer fuel system of your vehicle or the replacement ol the original tires With other iban those of Ihe same Tire Performance Criteria TPC can affect your vehicle’s emission controls and may cause this light to come on.

Press this pushbutton to go to ihe previous track it the currant track has been playing for less than eight seconds, If pressed when he current track has been afaying 1g? Seme air also comes out of the defroster manusl side window outlets. Chverolet mode direcls Ihe manusl to the floor outlets, windshield and side window outlets.

Chevrolet Trailblazer Workshop & Owners Manual | Free Download

If the cassette tape or compact disc player is playing, play will stop durng the announcement. The healer and ctaf rosier will wortt lar better, reducing the chance of fobying Ihe nsidc ol you?


Press and hold one of Che arrows for more than two seconds Traklblazer radio will produce one beep. To tern the tone off, turn ihe knob all ihe way counterclockwise, in tee automatic mode. Lift op the seat, and then, pull il forward. When you turn the ignit on off and then on again, the alia mate frequency fealure will automatically be turned on. Have a qualified technician inspect she system for problems.

See “Engine Exhaust” in the Index. Q; What’s wrong chevroket Ibis?

Download the Chevy Trailblazer Owners Manual

Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. If you’ve left the engine running, the vehicle can move suddenly.

Chevrlet in Che desired station. Ending Cruise Control Tnere are three ways to turn off ihe cruise control: During a crash a baby will become so heavy it is no! If not adjusted lo account lor compass variance, your compass could give false readings. Leaving children in a vehicle with the windows closed is dangerous.