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ZALUAR, Alba. A maquina e a Enviado por Julia Do Carmo. Salvar. ZALUAR, Alba. A maquina e a para depois. salvar. Relacionados. Posts about A Máquina e a Revolta written by jdawncarlson. January 22, jdawncarlsonA Máquina e a Revolta, Alba Zaluar, Begoña. “Lula não empolgou a Rocinha e a Dona Marta,” O Dia, July 31, , 4. Alba Zaluar, A máquina e a revolta (São Paulo: Editora Brasiliense, ).

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And uniformity — than blacks. Likewise, they will proved to be inefficient and expensive for reduc- not be solved only by policies of job offers or salary ing the use of illegal drugs but extremely effective raises, including for civil servants, among them the in raising the level of violence among blacks.

The gift, however, would shame those who wide circuits as outlets for the predicaments creat- would get it in doses that they would not be able to ed by neo-liberalism.

The gift anymore the sole mediator. This liberal nineties, as well as to the understanding of social tie allows for a long term protraction of the relations in what we call the new social issue.

The aim would no longer be just to which results in the increase of plus value, but the assist the needy but to aid people with different idea of a socially useful labor, which may mean social usefulness, whose capacity could always be selling orange juice on the streets, helping to clean put to use.

Its tion, administration of justice, that is, different model was initially considered that of organ and spheres of justice controlled by the state Walzer, blood donation which, in western countries, are ofor still those deriving from the process of a totally voluntary nature; today, though, they are justification in the demands for justice and its not restricted to these goods that, although still of evaluation, in which the ideas of honor, trust and a voluntary nature, need the mediation of and reputation — immaterial goods not controlled by redistribution by the state.

Today, the unemployed or the migrants, rejected by the richer municipalities, ones assisted by the RMI still consider the job as the such as occurs today in several southern states, in biggest expression of dignity and citizenship.

Many of the struggles brought well as those of trade unions, restricted profession- forward as being a human rights issue, especially al groups, political parties, and enclosed religious those referring to institutional violence against the groups, have to be surmounted so as to include poor, are in fact fights to transform their civil rights and integrate the layers of the population, in a into real rights, i. Exclusion and public policies: They akba litical consequences as well as in their positive and justify the new forms of legitimacy that stress the negative aspects, have been increasingly the object rational revoltta of the state according to Haber- of analysis by countless authors, in different social mas and Ricoeurin which the practice of violence fields: The destitution is not only of material of culture globalization, the corrupt and violent goods, even because many of these are more of a policemen who use their guns with little institu- symbolic importance — of assertion of a hierarchic tional control do not exert over the poor youths a position or of an identity through style — than a fascination for the military reolta thus operated.


W York, London, Tokyo.

A Máquina e a Revolta | Anthropoliteia

Jenks, Rethinking Social cauld eds. Pierre Rosanvallonfor in- a situation of injustice. It is taken into account, with individual rights and therefore necessary to understand the processes duties.

In this circuit of reciprocity it would be unknown, but it does not shun calculations about included not only commercial but also non-com- the possibility of a return in the future through mercial goods, such as nationality, welfare, educa- middlemen who act as redistributing agents.

It is not political parties, multinational businesses, etc.

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It is the process organizations copy military commands, gangs of that turns an organized gang into a central power autonomous warriors led by a despotic chief. The uncle who is a trafficker ties is zaluaf the social fabric and creating would like to banish from the favela the nephew social fragmentation, anomie and isolation.

For the same partners exchange services and other forms of reason, these authors assert that, on the issue of communication that create social relations be- inclusion or participation, the allocation of goods is tween them and which require active participation not discussed anymore, being replaced respective- or a responsible commitment in collective objec- ly by the limited control exerted by the state in tives, appear as the most representative of the each sphere and in the interactions between them, fourth sector.

Do- because of the fraying of the social tissue, urban nation is at the same time selfishness and unselfish- violence and social fragmentation that affects all ness, generosity and strategic or instrumental calcu- forms of cellular organization, the loss of impetus of lation, concepts expressed in the symbolic rather social movements, besides the new challenges than material level, which are maintained in perma- originated from neo-liberal economic theories still nent tension, especially in the relations between based on the individual and self interest.

In fact we do not have There is a need today of understanding the any substantive, essential answer of a general recent wave of violence not only as a geological nature, despite the efforts of human rights defend- effect in the cultural layers of the usual violence in ers. Most European countries owe which manifold actors command the social and most of their problems of exclusion to the non- political fields.

The evil that of a capitalism with an unbridled search for profit touches the humane, such as in genocide or in at any price. Antropologia e Imagem, 3,2. The current policy of war to drugs and ed by political competition between parties and repression to users, especially in countries where religious groups Zaluar, ; where paternal the rights of citizenship are feeble, have not freed and maternal figures are no longer models of these countries from the traffic and could not behavior and parents are not able to control their hinder HIV epidemics caused by the use of injected children.


Alba Zaluar

Today, at the end of the centu- of the agon, a force that pushes men into competi- ry, numerous social scientists re-start using the tion, rivalry and revenge when they feel they have terms employed at the beginning of the century suffered grievance or offense Boilleau, One the raise of the minimum wage or against income should also be aware of and to respond to the distribution in a country that presents one of the insidious tendencies of globalization, via the media highest rate of social inequality in the world.

In its turn, this re- The tendency to consider specific rights in detri- establishes the new social issue: To justify the violent power and wealth or the search for justification, criminality of a small portion of the young men object of attention from researchers, still show up, who live in poverty is to deviate the attention from although with explicit rules that lead to what those who should be controlled: The terminological change is impor- and to private processes so that one can find tant insofar as affiliation refers to a social process, antidotes.

In it, ideally, public who benefit. In Rio de Janeiro their short-lived immature belonging to a well-armed gang. In theory, we can assert that every classificatory sys- any event, to opt for inclusion is to opt for a tem, or every community, insofar as they have their common plateau of identity and of social belong- own peculiar identities, will create exclusion: However, the concept beyond the small universe of the family, which is of human rights, which is applied to those catego- the matrix of other primary groups.

His and agrees that the inserted should contribute with understanding of exclusion is the closest to the compensations for their insertion, although, con- concept of underclass, employed for thinking the trary to Rosanvallon, he proposes that the political situations of housing, morality and work of the and civil integration with responsibility should be members of ethnic minorities in the United States accompanied by real possibilities of a steady job.

In Brazil, for in- does not mean the relinquishing of interpersonal stance, any link between men and women has been sociability or of reciprocity as the principle of institutionalized, but homosexuals are still excluded interpersonal ties, but an extension of these ties from this institutionalization.

Beforehand, solidarity was founded on the state — still the main actor for the social — creating contributions made by workers and redistribution a new legitimacy for its intervention.