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Welcome to the user guide for the Dialog Lite and Dialog. Office system telephones in the Ericsson MD Communication System. Purchase the Aastra Dialog Office System Phone from a UK Supplier for £ ex VAT. Fast Delivery. Call Now or Buy Now. Dialog Lite/Dialog Office. System telephones for MD Communication System. User Guide. Flinders University.

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Page 41 The call is erased from the list and the next call is displayed. Communications Platforms Whether you’re a small business, a medium sized business or a very large enterprise – Aastra has the solutions to accommodate your business needs. To log into one hunt group: Deactivate The Mailbox Dial your new password.

This manual also for: If you are logged into more than one hunt group and log out from one of them, the display will show the following text: For people with impaired hearing the Option unit offers the possibility to amplify the receiving volume in the handset and headset. You can make one call from the blocked extension. Install Stands And Adapt Telephone Declaration Of Conformity No parts of this publication may be subject aastrq alteration, modification or commercial use.

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Wall Mounting Handset Hook Turn the hook upside down and insert.

Ericsson Aastra Dialog 4222 DBC 222 Digital Multi Line Phone

Page The connection can be internal or external. Applications Aastra has developed a range of Applications to fit your business needs View Applications. The display will inform you if there are no more calls in the list.

Deactivate The Mailbox Aastea incoming calls will be signalled on your phone again. Call Forwarding If your extension is busy and you receive an incoming call internal or externalyour system administrator can program your extension to automatically divert the call to a programmed diversion address. This feature may be restricted or not available.

Ericsson Aastra Dialog DBC Digital Multi Line Phone | eBay

aaatra When mounting on a wall, you have to pull out and turn the hook. Common Speed Dialing Numbers Page 49 Press to finish the procedure. Cleaning The Telephone Do not use rough cloth, solvents or aggressive cleaning fluids. Intercom Line answering positione. Important User Information Place the graphic directly on the page, do not care about.

Lamp Indications Slowly flashing lamp The line or function is put on hold. Receive Information For Diverted Calls 42222 flashing lamp The line or function is put on hold. You are now in the Group Listening mode.

Aastra Dialog 4222 Office Manuals

Pick-up on another extension: Aastra has video conferencing solutions to meet your needs. Answer The lamp extinguishes.


Page 37 In this way, you can include up to six parties in a conversation. Change Your Personal Greeting Hold the key to get a long pause. Page of Go. A colleague, Andersen, has programmed diversion to your extension. Table Of Contents Group Features Conversation Recording Neither the manufacturer nor the dealer of this product is responsible for the abuse of this feature by the user or for any damages caused thereby.


Aasttra And Signals Press a pre-programmed key to suppress your complete number to the public net. Change Information Info Press. The tones and ringing signals in this guide refer to the standard system but may vary between countries. Connections Between External Lines The Dialog Office is a desktop telephone with full functionality for office communication needs. Press to stop the recording aastda save the message. Aastra Mobility gives you the freedom to move.

You answer a call to the group by dialling a special answering number.