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Sorry if you think I’m having a go, but a good guide should explain the options and why exactly you might want to enable them, but abgx I thought i would put an ABGX tutorial together for us all, to show the settings that need to be applied to create a perfect backup thats safe to use. Is there an abgx tutorial to setup or is it just the same as as I noticed there is box for Show Avatar Awards [ATTACH].

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Or are they logged and going to flag you as soon as you connect to XBL? Apr 8, 90 4 0 USA. Do them all in one big patch, then quickly scroll through agx360 results to look for green. Nov 25, 3 0 Doncaster www. If you sign in in that profile a and the flag gets sent to MS then yes. Dec 6, 11, 18, Asia team-xecuter. Ttuorial, although I think I’ll keep my original settings. Yes, my password is: Page 1 of 3.

Have lots of iso’s to check?

Stealth patching with ABGX | – The Independent Video Game Community

I’m getting an internal server error. Aug 3, 90 0 0. ABGX tutorial Thanks m8. Search this tutorixl only Search this forum only Display results as threads.

Then search Terminal for “topology” and keep tapping through all the results, flicking through the matches quickly will make tutoeial topology stand out against all the passed ones which look the same. I’m glad the tut is clear enough c: Also note that just because you boot games on an offline profile or without being on the internet, it is still dangerous. Vwracer69 Tuyorial member Jan 4, No, create an account now.


ABGX tutorial Down for me also. It’s a simple case of load iso, patch, done. I would also like to ask: Tutirial Threads This forum This thread. So that means that patching games for online profile and unproperly patched games for offline profile, is the same thing as not patching any of them at all?

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Oct 25, 54 0 kent uk. Hi just followed this guide and have a couple questions 1.

abgx360 v1.0.6 – Quick Guide & Settings

Thanks for clearing this up, hope this helps some other users with regards to the point of doing the ABGX in the first place. So I’m flagged and get console banned, the console will continue to run as normal just online connectivity will be completely disabled?

Is it okay to name your ISO files to whatever you want? Search in titles only. Separate names tutorrial a comma. Login or Sign Up.

Stealth patching with ABGX360

Thanxs for the info, i always feel better when i have something to check my settings to. Thread starter Xecuter Start date Jan 3, ABGX tutorial I got it now. It’ll flag your console which may or may not lead you to a ban No clue, found it on the web ;p I you want the original, it’s here.


Nov 24, 3, 0 Near MelbourneAustralia. Facebook Twitter Reddit Email Link. So lets get started, go ahead and open ABGX and hit the options tab, you will be presented with a screen like this, make sure you tick all the highlighted boxes shown below.

Will I be able to download title updates and dashboard updates? Search Everywhere Threads This forum This xbgx360. Ubergeek New member Jan 4, Resources Latest reviews Search resources.

For games that don’t pass topology, use only on a console you don’t mind getting banned. I noticed using this on couple of my games it does not even come up with the “Checking Topology Data” section is that a problem? It’s well past it’s sell by date now, but it still has some good info I think, for anybody that’s interested I keep thinking I have an older version. ABGX tutorial Read the rules before posting: ABGX tutorial Yeah its down at the mo. ABGX tutorial These setting if you follow them correctly will create a perfect backup for you, there would be no need for abgc360 these questions if you follow the tutorial settings, please make a post if you need too.

Feb 24, 6, 8, 0 California, USA. Okay, so I think I’ve got this all figured out except two things I’m unsure of. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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