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3DGameMan has sent us a url to their video review of Abit SD so I thought you guys might want to check it out. “The Abit SD motherboard is certainly. Abit SD Intel Based Pentium 4 Socket ATX Mainboard PC DDR DRAM & 6 Channel Audio SoftMenu™ Technology. Specifications. ABIT SD motherboard specifications. CPU socket type: Socket ABIT SD CPU compatibility list. Hide / show details: Support.

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While the board does have a rather clean layout, there are a few things that immediately stand out. You can get the “full specs” from 353.

Abit S SD Memory Upgrade – MemoryC

The Northbridge and Southbridge transfers, although theoretically two times as fast as current VIA P4XA and Intel chipsets, are still limited by hard drive performance. Aabit is a quick look at the SD and what it can deliver. ABIT, along with other companies that followed suit, actually changed the way most companies look at performance and the overclocking community in general.

Board basics at a glance. They also pioneered Vcore voltage selection and were the only company brave enough to give this feature to the enthusiasts for quite a while. Had it not been for companies like ABIT taking the road less traveled, we could very well be stuck with OEM style boards that offer no outside performance adjustments.


SD | Abit SD Socket Pentium 4 Board

This unique “two way” bus, while greatly reducing latency, also allows all southbridge components to share the bus at the same time. World of Warships Enters Open Beta! The Pentium 4 mainboards have been getting a lot of play lately and we have seen phenomenal overclocks on SiS chipset boards. There’s no colored PCB or super shiny northbridge heatsinks. Currently MuTIOL’s main advantage is lower latency operation achieved through its unique bi-directional bus.

ABIT has been credited with being one of the first companies abiit pioneer “overclocker friendly” motherboards as far back as their LX chipset based boards. This gives you a highlight of the board’s features.

MondayMarch 25, Author: From just looking at the SDit would be difficult to pick it out of a line-up of other Socket motherboards. Here is a brief explanation from SiS:. ABITcertainly not a company that is new to the PC Industry, has spent much of its long career at the forefront of leading edge technology.


What used to be unheard of, are features we now take for granted. While this is an annoyance on any motherboard for sure, the problem is further compounded by the size of Socket Pentium4 heatsinks. While clearance issues with the ATX power cable might be obvious whether it is installed or not, there are many problems that may only become apparent when installed.

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ABIT SD7-533 – motherboard – ATX – Socket 478 – SiS645

This means the full potential of this technology is still far from being effectively utilized. All trademarks used are properties of their respective owners. Funny that just a few short years ago, 5333 were not seen as options that would “last” when they were introduced.

This means that the power supply cable must be draped directly over the processor and heatsink.