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Kagame protested that Nkunda’s rebels were acting of their own accord and not on Rwanda’s orders, but he nevertheless intervened. Nkunda. Accord de Lemera Et Son Corollaire Le Pillage Des Ressources Minieres de La Rdc. Vovband Tweede Kamer NL. La DSP a Tent√© de Tuer Mobutu. kanambe. TM Spiritual Warfare Uploaded by. pasco11 ¬∑ Accord de Lemera Et Son Corollaire Le Pillage Des Ressources Minieres de La Rdc. Uploaded by.

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But the FDLR is also reportedly recruiting new combatants and continues to raise funds and obtain weapons and ammunition through its international networks.

President, our highest considerationPlease click here to sign this letter also or see the names of those who have already signed!! Information on ongoing abuses provided by Human Rights Watch and others indicates that he knew or should have known of serious international crimes by forces that were under his command. Since the start of Congolese army operations against the FDLR in January and the destruction of their bases in and near Kibua, much of the military high command moved to the Ntoto area of eastern Walikale.

Human Rights Watch has documented the killing of civilians during the Umoja Wetu phase of military operations, many in the area between Nyabiondo and Pinga, bordering Masisi and Walikale territories in North Kivu. Others were burned to death in their homes.


Family members, including husbands, children and parents who tried to stop lmera rape of their loved ones, were also targeted, and at least 20 were killed when they cried out or otherwise protested the violence. Certaines sources affirment que cette arrive fut enmais nombreuses sources saccordent sur cette premire date Several of them told Human Rights Watch that the group was abducted while on the road and gang-raped by Congolese army soldiers deployed at Kinyumba.

Until there are clear, measurable, and actionable conditions in place to ensure operations with Congolese forces do not violate international humanitarian law, MONUC should immediately cease all support for operation Kimia II. Cet hpital desservait plus de 1 millions des gens Malgr les Conventions de Genve qui interdisent les attaques sur les hpitaux et le personnel mdical, l’hpital de Lemera a t dtruit totalement sans aucune justification.

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Human Rights Watch believes there is sufficient information linking General Mudacumura lemeera specific FDLR attacks in which widespread abuses occurred and that he should be investigated for his role in ordering alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity.

A directive delivered in Marchat the start of operation Kimia IIwas particularly telling. After two days of brutality, the coalition soldiers left Ndorumo.

In citing this material for lemea or publication, please credit JED. Avant Sa Destruction Injustifie lits, des locaux couvrant plus de 40 hectares, une quipe acdord de plus de 10 mdecins spcialistes et un budget de plus de 2 millions des dollars US, cet hpital construit par les Missionnaires Pentectistes faisait la fiert Sud-Kivu et desservait une population d’environs 4 millions d’habitants. States have an obligation to investigate alleged war crimes committed on their territory.

“You Will Be Punished”

Human Rights Watch has, to date, found no instance where Murwanashyaka sought to prevent or take serious action to punish individuals under his effective control who were responsible for serious crimes in violation of international law. Many of the offensive operations of Kimia II have been led by former CNDP commanders, who according to some sources, dw also sought to use the operations to gain control over mineral-rich areas and to clear the land for returning Congolese Tutsi refugees and cattle being acclrd in from Rwanda.

But Congolese army soldiers apparently angry at their earlier failure in Lukweti to defeat the APCLS militia wanted to punish the civilians for their perceived support to their enemies.

They burned four other houses, and another baby boy burned to death inside one of them as well. Related Central Africa Congo-Kinshasa. The perceived dominance and preferential treatment given to former CNDP commanders has already led a number of local militia groups, often called Mai Sccord, to abandon army integration. All properties of the hospital including the stock of medications were destroyed. In each of these incidents the pattern was the same: The detainees were tortured accoed Rwandan military authorities to force them to confess to being FDLR combatants or sympathizers.


According to witnesses interviewed by Human Rights Watch, coalition soldiers also killed a year-old female student, who was studying at her home, by chopping her to pieces with a machete. The ongoing conflict in eastern Congo has been marked by a constant shift in alliances between a confusing array of belligerents. Ntaganda was made a general in the Congolese army. Some had been tied up and then had their throats slit.

Elle se fut vraiment beaucoup d’amis l’hpital ainsi que dans la communaut toute entire.

Attacks on Civilians in Eastern Congo | HRW

Congolese civil society groups claim that the failure to open political space in Rwanda is one of the underlying reasons for the continued suffering in eastern Congo. As during the Umoja Wetu operation, the area between Nyabiondo and Pinga was the target of military operations during the Kimia II operations, demonstrating that the Lemra had not been pushed out of this area during operation Umoja Wetu, as had been claimed.

Seventeen civilians, including eight children, were killed.

More than half of the victims were gang-raped by two or more soldiers, sometimes by as many as seven or eight. Il est grand temps que ceux de loin ou de prs dtruisent la valeur de la race noire en acceptant d’tre utiser comme des hommes de paille, cessent ridiculiser les Congolais, peuple pacifique. In Rwanda, growing restrictions on political space lemerx promoted views among some Hutu, including those in the FDLR, that they have little or no say in Rwandan political life and that the Hutu population are being collectively punished for the genocide.

In February, coalition forces attacked civilians in Byarenga village in the Mutongo area of Walikale territory. Il fut parmi les premiers mdecins autochtones travailler pour l’hpital. My uterus came out because of the rape.

Earlier the same elmera, RUD had sent a accorrd that Luofu would be attacked if a local businessman was unable to pay a debt the rebels said he owed them.