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components of CA ACF2. There are also ISPF panels that perform the same functions as the TSO ACF command. For more on the ISPF panels, see the. You can protect operator commands using CA ACF2. When an operator command is issued, SAF issues a CMDAUTH call to the CA SAF. CA ACF2 displays your logonid record if you have not specified an Activates building the commands that are used to recreate a user and.

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The return code RC should be In this case, enter the following:. Review the names and change to meet installation specifications.

Displaying logonids using LIST

System Exits capture these events in real time. To navigate through the file you need to use the function keys as follows: You can see that after entering a “D” in the first screen and in the second screen the line has been deleted.

The following are the list of the members in USER. Check that the exit modules have been loaded. Granting the APF Authorized status to a program is similar to giving super user status. To test the installation: Press F7 to scroll the edit screen up a screen to the beginning of the file. There are also variations to the insert line command. Post as a guest Name.


If you press the Enter before you have finished entering text in your lines, then the lines that you didn’t enter text into will disappear. XMIT’ and the commandz or local file name is as follows: To delete lines in the file: Table lists the uploaded files: The allocations are adequate.

ACF2 commands to complete Attunity Replicate installation

Sign up using Email and Password. An XMIT file is an archived file format used on the mainframe. I am having trouble finding the different commands for ACF2 Mainframe, I want the set of commands whichenables me to create, delete, update assign permission, revoke uext for user and group, Could anyone please list cokmands command?

Modify the jobcard for each batch job to meet your installation specifications.

The following is the procedure to upload files by using the QWSP emulator:. Change the procedure library name to the installation procedure library name.

Submit the job and review the output. The upload option of the QWSP program enters a formatted command. The files uploaded to the computer hosting the mainframe by using the procedure described in Section 2.

Creating CA-ACF2 Facility Classes

There are variations of the delete line command. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. The following topics provide more information on comkands I agree with Bill Woodger that you shouldn’t be messing around with this stuff without just cause.


Or you are someone who is not authorised to use those facilities of the security product, and you have no need to know.

Creating CA-ACF2 Facility Classes

A commande variation is to enter a number after the “I”. Press Enter before entering the text to remove the line. If SMS is being used this JCL will have to be changed to match installation definitions for these type and size datasets. The procedures to configure these message transport layers are described later in this guide.

As discussed in one of the earlier chapters, Pioneer also known as the Provisioning Agent receives native mainframe identity and authorization change events from the LDAP Gateway. Display the exits that are loaded. A common variation is to enter a number after D to indicate the number of lines to delete.

Once this member has been reviewed and changed, submit this job and review the output. XMIT’ and the sending or local file name is as follows:. In this example, the prefix IDF is the xcf2 name that is being used in this section.