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Malay customary law is understood to derive from two sources: adat pepatih and adapt. Adat pepatih developed among the matrilineal Minangkabau of Sumatra. According to the Minangkabau Adat pepatih, The Creator is the Prime Mover, The First Cause, The Absolute and The Phenomenon. Although we learn about. What is adat land? • customary land tenure is that it is a matriarchal system or adat pepatih and applicable in the districts of Kuala Pilah,. Rembau, Jelebu and.

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Everyone had to find himself a protector and this system of non seperation of powers has given a wide room for corruption and cruelty.

Minangkabau Malay culture Women in Indonesia. Adat constant and coherent system. The cultural influence spread into Malaya and affected the political and social institution. Since the adat derives its validity from the common conciousness pepaih the people there should be absolute unanimousity for every decision.

The daughters of the original settlers would belong to the same tribe, she would possessed all the land and would continue to reside in the same place. These merchant were very rich with large business and fortune, brought with them mollahs and priest learned in Islamic teachings.

If she is divorced and returns to her village, she has lands to work on adxt earn a living. Help Center Find new research papers in: Malays in other parts of the Peninsular are supposed to follow adat temenggong. Female members can only inherited in equal shares of property according to the Will. After all adat is approved behaviour apart from its customary law. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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The British creation of a council for the nine states of which the ruler is President and the undangs acat members put the coping — store on the Negeri Sembilan Constitution. In order to enforce their decrees they must have enough power and be feared. Why Dato Pepateh insisted upon matriliny and exogamy for his followers while Dato Ketenmenggungan was inclined to patrilineal pepztih and endogamy is not precisely known. Throughout the past centuries, the country arat its inhabitants had gone through various stages of cultural influences which had led to the development of a set of rules that govern the country until the beginning of the colonial era.

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Adat pepateh was adhered to by the Malays inhibiting Negeri Sembilan and certain parts in Malacca, especially Naning.

At this stage the Islamic teachings was adopted in matters of pure religion only but after some time Islamic laws gradually penetrated into Malay criminal law, marriage and divorce, division of property and inheritance.

These unwritten laws especially the sententious saying that has been handed down by oral tradition however have the full force of public opinion behind them, reference to them is sufficient to compel even an unjust judge axat do justice to the litigants before him.

The Sultan is the sovereign and exercise the function of the executive, judicial and sometime legislature. The justice to the adat temenggong was a cruel and pityless hi justice.

Direct emigrants from Minangkabau to the strip on the Peninsular opposite, brought the democratic institutions and mild laws, based on exagomous matriarchal tribal structure of their homeland called adat pepateh. ;epatih is also a female leader known as Ibu Soko. These system has no doubt proved to aday ineffective in the administration of justice.

The territorial chiefs could not proceed against anyone except the tribal headmen nor was he strong enough to attack any single lembaga unjustly in face of opposition that such a proceeding would arouse among the rest. Rub against the stem of a bamboo and you itch. Unlike Adat Perpatih, the laws in Adat Temenggung are harsh – punishment is imposed as retribution. The judges were aeat the village elders or the chiefs of the clans who uphold the norms of their society.


Adat pepatih finds expression in traditional verses and sayings pepatlh the matriarchal tribes in Negeri Sembilan.

Adat perpatih

This had led to constant oppression by the ruling class. It was democrtatic matrimonial Adatbrought from Minangkabau, Sumatera in Indonesia.

All females must be identified with a piece of customary land. There is no exact date recorded when this custom created. Islam indeed was welcomed because not only did it free the Malays from the oppressive stratification of Hinduism and absolute power of the Hindu ruler but also change the ideological aspect of the community.

When a man marries into a female tribe, his wife already owns a piece of land e. The interest of the Malay chiefs lay in the director of exacting heavy fines, slavery and vindicating his authority by the cruel punishment of any man who dared to gainsay him or disregard his command.

Adat Temenggung Adat Temenggung applies in other states. What is Customary Law? The difference between adat pepatih and the adat temenggong is visible in the days of British administration Whenever a miscarriage of justice occurs in Perak, Pahang and Selangor the Malays takes it very calmly but in Negeri Sembilan the whole population is exited by any non-recognition of the local adat.

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If the peasants committed a petty offence, he was judge by his own people and the chiefs cannot interfere. Although adat law is very adaptable, this does not mean, however that he chiefs can hand out decisions at will. As a result, the women of a family group perut constitute a powerful and united body, banded together by the band of common descent, sharing a common tradition and owning all the property. He is the source of honour and the fountain of justice.