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Spiritual Friendship is today the best known and perhaps most influential of the thirteen surviving works of Aelred, abbot of the great English Cistercian abbey of . Spiritual Friendship (Monastic Studies) [Aelred of Rievaulx] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Throughout his life, Aelred took great joy in. Spiritual Friendship has ratings and 39 reviews. Sally said: This short book was written in the form of a dialog between the author, Aelred (

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He offers much wisdom for choosing and keeping friends. Help Center Find new research papers in: Refresh and try again.

Hosted and Designed by GetOnline. Doctrine of Spiritual Friendship: Aelred acknowledges this reality and provides sound criteria for us to discern whether or not our friendship has a spiritual basis.

This is the theological foundation for all spiritual relationships.

Spiritual Friendship

These are probably based on actual discussions or on the difficulties Aelred had encountered in his ministry as abbot. Throughout spirktual life, Aelred took great joy in his friends and he believed that by loving and being loved by them, we learn to accept and return God’s infinitely friemdship and enduring love. Douglass Roby provides a splendid introduction to Aelred’s This short book was written in the form of a dialog between the author, Aelredwho was the abbot of the monastery at Rievaulx in Yorkshire, and a few of his monks.

Not really my cup of tea but it had some good points. The work is a good xpiritual treatise on friendship typical of its monastic medieval era. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.


What have we come to if friendship or even mere socializing is not considered valuable in and of itself?

Aelred has a wonderful insight into friendship, and describes the benefit of spiritual friendship, where two can be fully committed to one another. He insists that friendship spiitual directly from God, allowing one of Aelred’s interlocutors in the dialog to propose the formula “God is friendship. Having served as Abbot of the new foundation at Revesby fromAelred returns to Rievaulx as its third Abbot.

This is true, but what Aelred is emphasising here is that once the gift of friendship is given, you must make a conscious choice to be committed to the relationship, and this element of choice means that the relationship will be free, that each exercises personal responsibility for the friendship. May 16, Chas Bayfield rated it really liked it.

So I say that to qualify what follows. Answers such questions as, “What is the origin of friendship? And the Letter to Maurice [Tr. Inhe was elected abbot of Rievaulx itself, a position he was to hold until his death.

Aelred of Rievaulx: on spiritual friendship –

Just a moment while fridndship sign you in to your Goodreads account. Far from someone you just hang out with, a friend is someone with whom you share the depth of yourself–your failures, frienship, and secrets. Preview — Spiritual Friendship by Aelred of Rievaulx. Apr 04, Stephen Gregg rated it really liked it.

I got interested in this book through reading Eve Tushnet’s Gay and Catholic because she talks about models of friendship as a spiritual category for all Catholics to think about.

Here we have the bricks-and-mortar setting for the encounter of human affection and friendship, upon which I can assume much of De Spirituali amicitia is both considered and constructed.


His concern in what amounts, for large sections, to a how-to manual, is to provide a guide for admitting another into one’s confidence while minimizing the chance of betrayal.

Aelred also implicitly shows the dangers of friendship through the squabbling of Gratian and Walter. It has been said that you cannot choose your friends, they are given as gift.

Set as a philosophical dialogue, it was certainly dry reading–but with such great ge St.

In presenting friendship this way, Aelred aims to minimize the engagement with the ‘wholly other,’ and therefore with vulnerability, surprise, hospitality in the openness treated by Derrida in [Book: At his death there were three hundred, between choir monks and lay brothers, in the community. Indeed, the person who merits inclusion in the inner circle of friendship is, as in Cicero, an alter ego, but it is–contra Cicero–an alter ego guided by God, by service to the state, by adherence to the lawsand especiallyand thus wholly bounded within various predictable legal structures.

Spiritual Friendship Volume 5 of Cistercian Fathers. As we said above, the spiritual Sabbath is rest for the spirit, peace of heart, and tranquility of mind.

Having not researched it before hand, it wasn’t what I expected, but good none-the-less. Yet, as part of this opening sequence, Aelred himself quickly accounts for a conversion in thought in light of the encounter of Christ.

Cistercian Writings of the Twelfth Century [London: Excellent reference on spiritual friendship.