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Browse by category to discover businesses in Research, Victoria. Aetheric Arts has gone into production of the Hills Pi-Ray Coffer , based on the Kelly Research Technologies, Inc. proudly presents The Great If Victorian retro-geek is your cup of earl grey tea, come around and see the. The History of Aetheric Field Research, Part 3: The Science of Magic, Victoria’s Heart, and The World Within Far from being the jealously.

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Posted in Uncategorized 1 Comment. Views Read Edit View history. The research is not focused on debating the validity of the invention but rather how the invention was developed and how it works.

Aetheric Shield Generator | Steampunk | Pinterest | Steampunk, Science fiction and Science

Welcome rresearch Reddit, the front page of the internet. The classical element Aether of Platonic and Aristotlean physics continued in Victorian scientific proposals of a Luminiferous ether as well as the cognate chemical substance ether. Chat Looking for more active discussion? Over the past few days, I have been getting an amazing amount of traffic from Spain, so much so that the blog is breaking all traffic aetherlc.

We have high standards for on-topicness, respect of other people and respect for creative effort. Want to add to the discussion? I love Spain — I spent some time there a few years ago, and have wonderful memories of the Barcelona architecture and the beaches! It is slightly larger, extending about one and one-half inches beyond the periphery of the physical body. It will be worth the wait! Join other followers.

If Victorian retro-geek is your cup of earl grey tea, come around and see the Steampunk Radionics Machine in action. Posted in ArtPsionicsRadionics Leave a comment.

If you would like to participate please send me an email at brpainter ymail. On researfh Tree of Life of the Kabbalahthe vital body is often related to the sephirah Yesod. The Aura, by Walter J. Visit the Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition website for more information! I am a graduate student at Ball State Victorkan in Muncie, Indiana and I am researching individuals who invent or practice in the areas classified by main stream science as nonstandard or fringe.


There is also a curated list of resources compiled via Discord. Posted in Uncategorized 2 Comments. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Questions about the sub, rules, IRC, Discord? Connect a probe, wire with an alligator clip, or a fancy external well to the input, and you have a simple, highly portable radionics box! Please leave a reply in the comments!

Etheric body

It is believed by Theosophists that devas can be observed when the third eye is activated. According to Max Heindel ‘s Rosicrucian writings, [6] the etheric body, composed of four ethers, is called the “Vital Body” since the ether is the way of ingress for vital force from the Sun and the field of agencies in nature which promote such vital activities as aftheric, growth, and propagation.

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. It was discovered that through the use of magically charged ingredients and objects, whether it was steel made to react to a specific magical frequency, or a carefully drawn geometric construct that worked to interface different charges and frequencies to generate a desired effect, this new found magic gave birth to the field known as Arcane Sciences and a wide world of new possibilities.

It is one of the seven principles of the human being, according to Theosophical philosophy.

This subreddit is about sharing your worlds and discussing the many aspects of creating new universes. Looking for more active discussion? Anyone willing to help this researcher please contact him at the address below: If you are located in the central Indiana area please email me if you are interested in participating in the research. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. A lot has been happening behind the scenes here at Aetheric Arts.


Submit a new link. Posted on March 31, by josephmax. Regular readers of Aetheric Arts blog know that my concept of Radionics is that it has little to do with electronics per se. Can some of our new Spanish friends explain it to me? The simplest, and most immediately useful of these is what is simply referred to as Water Crystals, crystalline lattices that are moist to the touch and produce a constant amount of fresh, potable water that is completely safe for consumption.

A specially made crystal that can be tuned to the frequency of others to facilitate the transmission of Aetheric signals over large distances in an Aesthetically dense place, this has allowed the development of Link Towers, a network somewhat reminiscent of cellular networks, though no construct has yet been made that allows for small, cell phone like devices, instead receivers are backpack sized constructs or stored within towns which then act as mail hubs.

Every post needs context!

The original prototype profiled here needed to be connected to a radionics device to be useful, but this new design, with integral stick pad, allows it to be used as a simple, one-Bank Hieronymus Machine, similar to the Symbolic Machine and operated in much the same way.

See the previous posts here and here for more discussion. We also encourage users to register an account. And also, greetings to the friends of Aetheric Arts in the Russian Federation!