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Revision of Army Technical Manual /NAVFAC P/AFR , Force Manual (AFM) (TM ) (Department of the Air Force, ). manual TM , NAVFAC P, and AFM 88 This document generally has the most conservative criteria. It has been updated recently with some. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Summary of Changes and Availability of the Revised TM NAVFAC P, AFM “Design of Structures to.

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fam TM 5 – and TM 5 had Other forces including those due to wind, snow, seismic activity, thermal expansion and contraction, thrust, impact, etc.

Structural strength and stability will be considered, as well as the need for ventilation and other services. Welding of Pipelines and Related Facilities. The request for approval will contain a complete statement of the reasons for using such a system, including competitive costs, proposed special criteria and controls as applicable, performance history or tests if availablethe use of a recognized structural consultant for the design of the unusual structures, and other pertinent data.

Special requirements will be considered for applications in severe cold minimum toughness or elevated temperatures reduced yield and tensile strength as set forth in paragraph a.

Usually, the wfm way to drain masonry is to put weep holes where they will not adversely affect member strength. Although ring beams are required only for tank foundations in seismic zones 3 or 4, this type of construction or comparable provisions necessary to prevent frost heave will be made in all areas. Thermosetting Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastic Tanks.

Silos, bins, and bunkers. Structural Design for Buildings-Materials. Fiber Reinforced Concrete Properties and Applications. The reference is mandatory for explosive safety design.

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Structures to Resist the Effects of Accidental Explosions (TM , NAVFAC – Google Books

Other structures Other types of specialty structures include plate and shell structures, major arenas and stadiums, orbital space structures, test stands, launch structures, carbon fiber composite structures, etc. Allowable stresses will be in accordance with table Precautions will be observed when using composites and structural plastics in recognition of their unfavorable fire resistance properties.

TM 5 – US Department of If constructed of concrete, design of these types of structures will be in accordance with ACIHandbook of Concrete Engineering by Fintel, and Silos: To the extent practical, precast components for manhole construction will be used.

Intake and discharge structures. Care will be taken in selection of material for such systems and regard given to the possibility of reduced service life when artificial materials are used. Mobile canopies and shelters will be designed for the loads which would otherwise apply to stationary structures of that type with additional provisions regarding impact factors appropriate for the speed at which the structures are to be moved.

Trash racks and screens will be provided.

Structures to resist the effects of accidental explosions in SearchWorks catalog

Additional design guidance will be obtained from applicable design 88–22 reference documents and the Handbook of Concrete Engineering by Fintel. Design of water storage tanks will be in accordance with applicable American Water Works Association publications but subject to specific design restrictions as set forth above. Water transmission lines Design of water transmission lines will include consideration of items such as maintaining watertightness, avoiding erosive velocities, and providing gradual transitions in crosssection and alignment.


Equipment supports and enclosures a. Utility tunnels Utility tunnels will be provided for mechanical sfm where a number of systems follow the same general alignment.

Guide for the Design and Use of Concrete Poles. General Design of structures for bulk materials will include consideration of the special characteristics of the material being handled or stored. This type of steel will not be used in areas where the atmosphere contains salt spray and will not be used in a seawater environment.

At the time, it provided The amount of trash, debris, or seaweed expected to accumulate in intake structures will be the primary consideration in deciding whether or not a continuously cleaning mechanical traveling screen will be used.

In any case, appropriate allowance will be made for movement and restraint to conform with the assumptions made in the pipe system flexibility analysis. New materials, units, and systems of a progressive nature or creative design concepts that are economically and structurally sound may be considered.

The need for water resistance and provisions for drainage and sumps will be examined, as well as cable bending radii and details of required support systems, when establishing the layout and dimensions of such structures.

Blast-resistant design is often required in conjunction with the construction of weapons system facilities, both developmental and operational, as well as for structures designed to resist the effects of intentional attack.