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Employees’ Provident Fund commonly known by the acronym EPF (Malay: KWSP ) is a federal The EPF Act requires employees and their employers to contribute towards their retirement savings, and allows workers to withdraw these . Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja atau nama pendeknya KWSP merupakan Malaysia, Akta Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja (Akta ) yang. Akta Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja Apakah maksud KWSP Apakah maksud caruman KWSP Berapakah Kadar caruman? Terdapat beberapa Jenis .

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Retrieved 4 April Retrieved 22 July Subject to the provisions of this Act, all deeds, bonds, agreements, instruments and working arrangements subsisting immediately before the appointed day and affecting any of the property transferred under section 78 shall be of full force and effect against or in favour of the Board akya enforceable as fully and effectually as if, instead of the EPF Board, or any person acting on behalf of the EPF Board, the Board had been named therein or had been a party thereto.

Section 10 Chairman to have casting vote The EPF is intended to help employees from the private sector save a fraction of their salary in a lifetime banking scheme, to be used primarily as a retirement fund but also in the event that the employee is temporarily or no longer fit to work.

Adding up credit into the account of a member of the Fund. Section 86 Prevention of anomalies Provided that nothing in this section shall prejudice the right of the Board to recover the amount of such contribution and dividend from the employer.

Other provisions continue to apply Section 70F. Rupa Baca Sunting Sunting sumber Lihat sejarah. Duty of corporation to notify the Board of its incorporation or registration Section Establishment of a Promotion Committee in respect of officers and servants of the Board. Payment of dividend in such manner as determined by the Board Section 54B.

Section 15 General reserve and other reserve accounts Pengeluaran Akaun I terhad kepada pengeluaran mencapai 55 tahun, kehilangan upaya, meninggalkan negara atau meninggal dunia. In addition, the EPF further elaborates dividend rates and their performances are calculated and influenced based on the full distribution of net EPF revenue, depending on the return on investments that in turn is based on asset allocation.


Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja

Section 6 Tenure of office 6. Lihat Terma-Terma Penggunaan untuk butiran lanjut. Contributions and deposits not to be assigned or attached. Monthly contributions from both you and your employer will be shown in the statement. Repealed by Act A General reserve and other reserve accounts Section Obstruction to exercise of akya by an Inspector Section Section 31 Establishment of the Disciplinary Committee No cleanup reason has been specified.

Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja – Wikipedia Bahasa Melayu, ensiklopedia bebas

Subject to the provisions of this Act, and of any regulations made under section 71, regulations made under paragraph 1 shall be binding on the corporation in respect of which they were made and shall have effect for all purposes under this Act. Section 11 Power of Minister to give directions Establishment and membership of the Investment Panel Section Establishment of Shariah Advisory Committee.

Section 70D Nomination 70D. Section 23A Establishment of Shariah Advisory Committee 1 The Board shall establish a Shariah Advisory Committee which shall be the authority for the ascertainment of Shariah matters for the purposes of advising the Board and the Investment Panel in ensuring that the management of the accounts of the members of the Fund kasp elections under section 43A have come into effect complies with Shariah principles, including the contributions, investment and dividend.

Section 8 Vacation of office 8.

Contributions and deposits not to be assigned or attached Section 51A. Joint and several liability of directors, etc.

The Minister may, by order notified in the Gazette, amend, add to or vary any of the Schedules to this Act. The approved fund of a statutory or local authority under the new scheme shall be wound up on such date as the Minister may, by notification in the Gazette, appoint in each particular case, and all assets and liabilities of the approved fund shall be transferred to the Fund and dealt with under this Act: The additional amount payable is two thousand five hundred ringgit.

Employees’ Provident Fund Malay: General penalty Section Powers of Minister to make regulations Section Payment of additional amount Section 58A.

EPF – EPF Act Reports – KWSP

For the purposes of managing the Fund and for carrying into effect the purposes of this Act, a body corporate by the name of “Employees Provident Fund Board” is established with perpetual succession and a common seal, and which may sue and be sued in its corporate name and, subject to and for the purposes of this Act, may enter into contracts and may acquire, purchase, take, hold and enjoy movable and immovable property of every description and may convey, assign, surrender, yield up, charge, mortgage, demise, reassign, transfer or otherwise dispose of, or deal with any movable or immovable property or any interest therein vested in the Board upon such terms as it deems fit.


Subject to subsection 7 2sections 8 and 22, a member of the Board, other than the chief executive officer, shall hold office for a term not exceeding three years and shall be eligible for reappointment.

Withdrawal by pensionable employees Section Transfer of member of the Fund Section Withdrawal of the transferred amount Section Caruman adalah wang yang dikreditkan ke akaun individu ahli di KWSP. Every corporation shall be a body corporate by such name as the Board shall give to such corporation and shall have perpetual succession and a common seal and may sue and be sued in such name, and for the purpose of effecting the purposes and objects for which it was established, may enter into contracts and hold and deal in or with any movable or immovable property and may do all other matters and things incidental or appertaining to a body corporate not inconsistent with the provisions of this Act and subject to such restrictions or limitations as may be prescribed by the Board.

Section 55A Withdrawal from the Fund for a member of the Fund who has attained the age of fifty-five years 55A. Section 16 Board may establish any committee Akaun II pula membenarkan aakta untuk bayaran pendahuluan atau penyelesaian pinjaman rumah pertama, tujuan pendidikan dan belanja perubatan, pelaburan dan apabila mencapai 50 tahun.


Transfer of powers, rights, liabilities and duties. Disclosure of interest Section 23A. Conduct of civil proceedings Section Provided that where the Chairman is also the chief executive officer the common seal of the Board shall be sealed akga the presence of the Chairman and one other member of the Board.

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