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The book Alcibiades the Schoolboy was originally written in Italian, in , and then translated into French by, perhaps, Édouard Cléder. Due to the expense of. The book Alcibiades the Schoolboy was originally written in Italian, in , and then translated into French by, perhaps, Édouard Cléder. Results 1 – 8 of 8 Alcibiades the Schoolboy by Antonio; Rawnsley, J. C. (translator) Rocco and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available.

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Alcibiades The Schoolboy

Rawnsley does read Latin for pleasure, and was able to check aalcibiades – both randomly and where there were problems with the French – against the British Library’s copy of the edition.

III The authorship of Alcibiades is at least as tangled as its publishing history.

For all his deviations, unlike Pallavicino, Rocco died at a ripe old age. This translation was accompanied by a fifteen page foreword by M. Alcibiades’s schoolmaster Philotimes is dying to consummate his love for his pupil and has to overcome First published in and meant at one level as a lively carnival booklet, this is, both at heart and on the surface, a well-reasoned polemic in favour of pederasty.

Valdemar marked it as to-read Oct 04, Rocco’s thesis there is that all “love” is actually self-interest: Refresh and try again. Studies such as George Chauncey’s Gay New York reveal a situation in flux at the beginning of the 20th century, with all three strands present – two of which, structured by age and gender, are decisively marginalized by the beginning of the 21st century. IV We now reach the most vexed, and vexing question of all regarding Alcibiades the Schoolboy: Also, the most serious arguments are so peppered with alcibiade descriptions of the boy’s physical charms and frank sexual description as to be highly erotic.


Baska marked it as to-read Feb 15, In a letter dated to January,Loredano, who clearly had a sense of irony, or knew his man, or both, writes, “I send you a Carnival booklet alcibiadez so rude, I think, as to trouble the serenity of your spirit.

Dall’Orto argues that only “political reasons,” which included jurisdictional disputes, and Rocco’s scchoolboy position can explain his remaining unscathed. Asoka terms it “the first novel about pedophilia ever acibiades appear. Henrique Valle marked it as to-read Apr 11, The same dust jacket text was used for the second printing later that same year as well; the two jackets differ only in the deletion of a note about the Diary which ran across the top of the front cover for the first edition.

Murray has proposed a model of multiple homosexualities containing three strands, all of which may be present in any culture, but one or two of which always predominate, while the other one or two recede or disappear.

Dmitry marked it as to-read May 18, The work by Rocco is an amazing justification for initiating a sexual relationship between a adolescent boy and an older man, his teacher. Dialogues devoted to explaining why loving boys is better than loving women go back to antiquity, and are surely far removed from scboolboy an identity based on an immutable orientation.

Alcibiades the Schoolboy (book)

It has been called “the first homosexual novel”. But Alcibiades is almost a century too late, and, despite Aretino’s being accused and acquitted of sodomy in a politically motivated prosecution late in his alicbiades, it just wasn’t his style. We now reach the most vexed, and vexing question of all regarding Alcibiades the Schoolboy: Although the “gay” community has a persistent habit of seizing upon dead “pedophiles” and turning them into gay heros as but one telling example, Oscar Wilde, had he been convicted years later, would be on Britain’s “Pedophile Register” today while at the same moment joining in the general screech against “child molesters,” it is certainly going too far to suggest that this text can be accommodated in any way with the fundamental scholboy insistence aldibiades relationships in which the partners are equal in age and power.


Several of these oppositions can be disposed of rather quickly.

E del libertinismo esprime l’essenza e gli intenti, ossia l’opposizione alle regole, alle convenzioni, alle imposizioni del potere secolare e religioso. Baseggio makes his attribution on the basis of stylistic comparisons of passages in Alcibiade with other works known to be by Pallavicino.

Alcibiades the Schoolboy – Wikipedia

Rocco was the most important of a tiny number of writers who dared counter the various arguments of God, law and nature which were supposed to justify this persecution. Of the first edition of the work, apparently published in Venice in earlythere are no known surviving copies; evidence for this edition comes from contemporary letters. An excellent “Afterword” shedding light on the book by D.

For many years the identity of the author was a mystery. He left behind friends and supporters in Venice, however, in the Academia degli Incogniti there, who could well have seen manuscripts he left behind into print in the early s. Front matter is interesting and seems well-researched, though I’d need to familiarize myself with more of the source material to be sure. Trivia About Alcibiades The Sc Not to use her gifts is to insult her, not to apply her inventions is to alienate oneself from her, to be in revolt against her, and to deserve in consequence to be deprived of life itself.