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This is very simple dynamic processor from Alesis company. It has only three controls -input(also a compression amount control),release,and In , Alesis Studio Electronics, and associates put on the market a range of effects and processors numriques, called MICRO SERIES. The Alesis MICRO LIMITER is a true stereo in/stereo out compressor/limiter which is used for automatic gain riding, peak limiting, and special effects on both live.

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Log in Become a member. Today, Alesis has released a similar range, from 14 modules composs plastic pice euros: Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services.

Mac DeMarco’s Alesis Micro Limiter | Equipboard®

Contact Sound Technology pic, Contact Details. Request a new review. The release deuxime potentiomtre, middle Determines the time taken by the compressor to recover limitfr original gain in the threshold-dea. The latest additions to the series are three effects boxes: Sort by most recent most useful.

The Alesis gate proved very simple to become acquainted with. The state of the gate is determined from three LEDs on the front panel: Can you imagine what it all can give!

If you intend lkmiter these devices all three slot neatly together, side-by-side, to facilitate this then you should consider using a patchbay of some sort so that you can simplify the connection process. Well, I don’t believe that my hearing is at all impaired, other than the natural wear-and-tear one might expect for a 26 year-old pair of lug ‘oles. The LEDs on the front panel indicate this wonderfully. However, if money is a problem, I would find it very hard to recommend the Micro Enhancer.

This pre-amp with auxiliary input-output, is a multi-dot effect, the SEthe signal that comes from eight kinds reoit Sampler of S and some analog synths cheap, like the proton and the Evolver Even when the input signal is below that limit, it can be compressed so that for every four decibel rise in the input signal the output will only rise by, say, two decibels.


Write a user review Ask for a user review. As with all early attempts at polyphony, my micor synthesizer was based on simple electronic organ technology and involved an enormous number of connections in a wiring ‘loom’.

This should not cast the RCL in an unfavourable light. Simple, basic and robust, these instruments are emerging as a bit limited, especially in Operation of the Micro Limiter proved to be a little disorientating at first, limiger its control pots don’t immediately function in the manner I expected.

However, I still could not give the Alesis unit top marks because of the effect bypass switch on the front panel, which generates a considerable ‘thump’ when the switch is used. Searchable archive of old, out-of-print music production magazines.

kimiter What can I say? The effect is most useful in, say, the recording of vocals when the vocalist isn’t perhaps aware of how loud he or she may be.

To evaluate the Alesis Micro Gate properly, in terms of how effective it is in a real situation, I compared it with a very lmiiter device – the Boss RCL The Output control is provided so that you can easily match levels after the limiting process.

If you want another Alesis unit to limiteg the third location in your 19″ rack, buy a Microverb instead. I liked the stereo option a lot, it simplified the treatments a great deal.

Finally the output right will catch the loss level, due to compression, and a db can trs bad!

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To finish then, I would recommend both the Micro Gate and Micro Limiter to anyone with serious aspirations but with limited cash. This is a compression ratio of li,iter Beehiving is always present, it’s just that it tends to stand out more when the instrument is supposed to be silent, ie. Hopefully, Alesis will do the right thing and provide a single adaptor with a number of outputs to micgo multiple units. This machine was the ideal test-bed for the noise gate. And not a change that we could all agree on.


Alesis Micro Limiter –

This device, like the noise gate, is essential in any studio. Are they the Accessit range of the Eighties?

I asked several other people for their opinions of the effect and we all agreed on one thing – alesjs was very little perceptible difference between the input direct and output treated signals. We understand when ds, that this instrument is the specialist in tonn, but in contrast, trs intuitive, IDAL is for musicians like me who do not want to take the head!

Is the amplifier suspect? It’s just that, to my ears, the Alesis units sounded cleaner and were stereo rather than mono. I reserved my judgement of the third addition to the Alesis Micro range until last. This is very sad on units of this quality. The manual states that this is because the limiter was designed to be “more musically useful”, which is a little difficult to comprehend.

Please include your email address if you want to be contacted regarding your note. They really are good quality and excellent value. Each of these comes in a sturdy, 1U high by mm x mm metal box with stereo inputs and outputs on the rear. This similarity can be a little confusing if you’re trying to read the front panel settings from the other side of the studio.

A ‘noise gate’ is basically a means of electronically ‘masking out’ the general background noise that tends to be generated by ilmiter types of electronic equipment. Possibly Alesis think that it is more ‘musically useful’ to have the device permanently connected and to jicro use the limited switch alesix setting-up purposes?