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If you haven’t heard of AMized™ Fusion Technology (AFT) you are already 9 years behind the 8 ball. It’s the energy technology that is. Posts about Amized Fusion Technology written by amegaproductreview. Phone, Suggest a phone number Amized Fusion Technology. Local Business. Unofficial Page. Amized Fusion Technology. Posts about Amized Fusion Technology. There are no stories.

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Amizzed Bio-photon distortion occurs, it brings about disturbance in the Information system which will result in physical deformations. Watch this short video demonstrating the Amega Wands effect on a lemon. We have a conference call with Dr.

AMized™ Fusion Technology

Persistent disorders will eventually become diseases. These exposures restrict and impose their energy fields upon the human body. Our human body is divided into 3 sections, namely Fusio system, Information system and Physical system. After spending about 10 minutes with the Amega Wand she has not had a migraine since and the pain in her back is gone.

Unfortunately for most people, there is no good way to totally avoid this loss of energy. It is a process that neutralizes negative frequencies, clears contamination of substance and fills in the distortions in the energy field. Every person sends out waves of different lengths, as unique as fingerprints.

Our human body has three major systems that are affected – the energetic system, the information system and the physical system.

This promotes healthy cells and helps the body return to homeostasis, free of disease. The zero point resonance or vibrations from the products help the body to clear teechnology distortions in the bioenergetic field, thereby restoring the body to homeostasis condition. She showed me how to place my tdchnology into a balanced energetic state of homeostasis amlzed utilizing the latest in energetic technologies and nutrigenomic science.


This way, it aids in age reversal, promotes healthy cells and expels diseases. When applied on our plants, it can infuse these plants with more energy to help them to grow faster and stronger.

Start with 5 inch circles, then repeat the cycle with 4 inch circles, then again with 3, then 2, then What affects one will create changes in another.

How to Use the Amega Wand.

Wellness Revolution Amega Global Launch Amized Fusion Technology Zero Point Field Energy In USA

Researchers have been able to analyze the distinct wave patterns of normally-functioning body systems and organs as well as the wave patterns of allergens, viruses, bacteria and toxins for example mercury.

Hold the Amega Wand over the area you are about to “wand”. Hagglund MD, discussing the Amega Wand: In addition, Zero Point Field Energy is also crucial for healing to take place within our body.

What is A Bioenergetic Field? Healing Begins with Voltage. Lessons in Healing, Part 2: Thus, Zero Point Energy is very important and useful for the well-being of our body. Amized Fusion Technology — Leave a comment. This field is like a protective layer over the body, similar to the ozone layer of the earth. It helps to bring mental, emotional, physical and even spiritual energies into unison.

Like little radio transmitters, these particles send out specific patterns called waves into their surroundings.

AMized™ Fusion Technology | Reconnective Healing® with Rebecca Girouard

A body without its own natural health sustaining energy fields can no longer withstands viruses, bacteria, toxic chemicals and metals, etc. Our Internal and External Environment.

Close your eyes, or if you are doing this on someone else, have them close their eyes. Researchers have reported that energy imbalances and blockages occurring in the field are usually due to some form of exposure including trauma, stress, abuse, deficiencies, faulty nutrition, toxins, pathogens or auto-intoxication and immune dysfunction.


When the bio-photon field is distorted this will bring about disturbance in the information system within which will result in physical deformations. To find out more, visit www. Your body can be restored to its natural state and resonate Zero-Point Energy, which will have a tremendously positive effect on your body.

No, and Amega is quick to tell you that. The AMization process, when applied to matter, whether organic, abstract, stones, metals or any other substances will make them resonate at zero point field.

Contrary to popular belief, many processes in our body such as metabolic processes, hormone production, growth and regenerating processes are controlled and coordinated by the energy centers within the body. This is just what we have experienced first hand, but we have seen others have similar results.

Visit me around the web. In my pursuit of healing my body from the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, Rebecca helped me take things to the next level. Introduction To Energetic Wellness. When applied on our pets, it can also relieve aches and supplement energy deficiency in our pets.

You can also amizex liquids with Amega Wand with proper hygiene. The improvement in circulation and energy also helps to burn fats, eliminates toxins and reduce cellulite. Even our amizer are made up of energy. As we age, our cells also emit less energy and we start to feel more fatigue.