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Historian Anne Sebba has written the first full biography of Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor, by a woman which attempts to understand this fascinating and. In “That Woman,” Anne Sebba boldly recasts the relationship that was once considered the “most romantic love story of the last century” as “a. Anne Sebba is an award-winning British biographer, writer, lecturer and journalist. She is the In Sebba published Les Parisiennes: How the Women of Paris Lived, Loved and Died in the ‘s (Weidenfeld & Nicolson UK) , published in.

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This has got to be the most boring biography I have ever read.

Read reviews that mention wallis simpson duchess of windsor duke and duchess edward viii royal family mrs simpson anne sebba well written well researched duke of windsor ernest simpson king of england wallis and edward life of wallis simpson duchess love story prince of wales king edward world war good read.

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Only the fact that she was childless, not very pretty, and sought power like a man were cited as “evidence” that this might have been the case. Oh, no, you are not, came the response, not if you want to remain as king.

It was well written. Until, he placed her in a position where her husband no longer loved her and moved on to marry Wallis’ “best” friend.

Write a customer review. Whether there was love or obsession with Wallis is up for speculation. A commoner, twice divorced, she was married to husband number two when she and her husband became part of the inner circle of those in the bright sunshine of the playboy who was known for his prowess with women, and his love of traveling.


Wallis was savvy with an eye for PR, but with no advisors or perhaps wrog appoinments and friendships she and the Duke made dreadful errors of judgement. The truth might be much simpler: Clearly Sebba dragged this womsn because that was all she had – the book ends rather suddenly with their deaths and not a lot of information about the last 20 years of Edward’s life.

That Woman: The Life of Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor by Anne Sebba – Telegraph

Well written and informative. The Prince of Wales was soon a grateful guest. I think Sebba does justice to the Wallis character throughout most of the biography and she paints a picture of a wife who is ‘loyal to’ yet not ‘in love with’ her husband.

She also perpetuates the story I have heard before that Wallis learned some exotic sexual techniques in China, and that is perhaps why she, a rather plain, twice-divorced, middle-aged woman, so enthralled the Duke. Wallis, who still cared for her husband at the time, never expected the affair with the king to lead to marriage, and when it headed in that direction, tried to end it. She trundles her way through Wallis’s life, without any psychological insight, new segba or having talked to contemporaries.

Wallis has been vilified? The author presents her with a fresh outlook I found fascinating. It was a joy to read and kept my attention throughout.

Masses of chapters are devoted to Wallis’s childhood and youth not terribly fascinating, I have to admit whereas the actual marriage and the difficulty of carving out a meaningful existence gets a once-over without care or attention to detail.

I didn’t like this at all; it is so poorly written, it is almost incoherent, and there is so much cheap speculation that it reads like a supermarket tabloid. She got caught up in a game where she did not foresee the consequence and when it came she could not control the storm or its aftermath. The author does not sugar coat Wallis but also describes how her years of exile and rejection by Edward’s family took their toll.


Anne Sebba

It was so interesting to learn more about her and Edward. Retrieved 6 June Ratings and Womab 4 23 star ratings 4 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Diana was one of the Mitford sisters with their gift for words, and as another exiled woman, knew her subject well as a friend and as a lifestyle.

When they married in in Anme, only seven British subjects annd, none of them members of the royal family. I had little insight into her life as a child or during her first and second marriages. His intelligence was questioned, as well as his maturity. Apr 10, Jules rated it really liked it Shelves: Of annne, they benefit from my taxes but they also did away with many of their personal freedoms and general anonymity by their very birth right on entering this world.

I suspect sebbs didn’t really want to be king, so abdicating may not have been the great sacrifice it appeared to be. The Rainbow Comes and Goes.

By the time I read the last chapter, I couldn’t make out if the general perc Just too factual and prone to the misgivings of gossips and unproven theories. The surrendered White soldiers had not wanted to join the Red Armies merely wanted home, or perhaps in reality to Shanghai, China where there was a large colony of White Russian exiles, and had.