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ISO/IEC Information technology – Programming languages – C 1 This document specifies the form and establishes the interpretation of programs. Information and communication technology (ICT) standards often exist because a tech-guru has translated a vision into a technical statement. Annex D (normative) Universal character names for identifiers. Annex E ( informative) Implementation limits. Annex F (normative) IEC floating-point .

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Undefined means that, notwithstanding question 9. In the above example, a prototype is used in a function declaration for ANSI compliant implementations, while an obsolescent non-prototype declaration is used otherwise.

A conforming implementation is one that does everything the Standard says it’s supposed to. You can use something like the following two-step procedure to force a macro to be expanded as well as stringized: Is exit status truly equivalent to returning the same status from main?

Some features that are part of the C99 standard are accepted as extensions in C90 mode, and some features that are part of the C11 standard are accepted as extensions in C90 and C99 modes. There are two valid declarations: This problem can be fixed xnsi by using new-style syntax consistently in the definition: I ans that the code is ANSI, because gcc accepts it.


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This article needs additional citations for verification. For more information concerning the history of Objective-C that is available online, see http: When in doubt, it’s safer to use memmove.

11. ANSI/ISO Standard C

GCC does not support the uncorrected version. A strictly conforming program is one that does not depend on any implementation-defined, unspecified, or undefined behavior, that does not exceed any implementation limits, and that otherwise uses only the features of the language and library as specified in the Standard. But what about main ‘s third argument, envp? However, freestanding implementations are comparatively rare, and if you’re using one, you probably know it.

Category Language ahsi, Category Resources. What does it mean? If you really need to access the environment in ways beyond what the standard getenv function provides, though, the global variable environ is probably a better avenue though it’s equally non-standard.

ANSI/ISO Standard C

The compiler should complain. Personal tools Log in. The choice must be documented. It incorporates TCs Technical Corrigenda and does not introduce new language features. This standard is commonly referred to as C Views Read Edit Asi history.


A conforming program is one that is accepted by a conforming implementation. See also questions 3. I found it in some header files.

List of International Electrotechnical Commission standards. My compiler is rejecting the simplest possible test programs, with all kinds of syntax errors.

So what could go wrong? Messages like these are typically emitted by pre-ANSI compilers which have been upgraded just enough to detect but not properly translate new C features which were introduced with the ANSI Standard.

ISO/IEC – Programming languages — C

InTC2 added a few more minor corrections. What should malloc 0 do? For details see https: That is, if the calling sequences for void – and int -valued functions differ, the startup code is going to be calling main using specifically the int -valued conventions, and if main has been improperly declared as voidit may not work.