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In spite of the popularity of “Anuttarayoga” as a so-called ‘back translation’ from the Tibetan rnal ‘byor bla na med pa. With the practice of the highest class of tantra, anuttarayoga tantra, we work to access our subtlest clear light mind and its accompanying subtlest energy-wind. Anuttara-yoga tantra [RY]. highest yoga tantra [RY]. The highest division of tantra according to the New Translation (Tib. gsar ma) schools.

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Our mental continuums, being without beginning and tajtra end, still go on once we have attained a true stopping. This is the method used in tantra in general, and more specifically in anuttarayoga tantra.

Sambhogakaya is a subtle manifestation of a corpus of forms out of this foundation and a Nirmanakaya amuttara a corpus of grosser emanations of those subtle forms. When we are in the elevator to the palace and it is in the basement, this is Dharmakaya.

Presently, our aggregates are still associated with these disturbing emotions and karmic forces. It is somewhat similar to a mental judo and it is the method that we use in anuttarayoga tantra.

Rather, it is a fifth type of purification, a fifth possibility — purification in the sense of tsntra the continuity of uncontrollably recurring death, bardo, and rebirth by eliminating its true cause. With rebirth, however, the mental continuum takes on a grosser form that is snuttara to ordinary beings as well.


When we speak of purifying death, bardo, and rebirth, it is not purification in the sense of removing stains from something, like purifying our mental continuums of fleeting stains.

Indian Buddhist Tantra Anuttarayoga Tantra. We are not using an opponent for them, such as some sort of elixir of immortality. See Kriya Tantra ].

Highest Yoga Tantra

The Karma Kagyu and Drugpa Kagyu anjttara of mahamudra meditation entails letting the mind naturally quiet down when a disturbing emotion arises, rather than dwelling on and analyzing the nature of the cognition containing it.

Elevator two to the palace chamber has no electricity. English usage, and European usage in general, has largely overlooked this nuance. After many trials of taking the elevator down and almost reaching the basement before having to come back up again, we finally succeed in reaching the anuttwra.


If we pretend to be from the palace, we can fool the guards, activate the elevator in our cell, and reach the basement. In the Bible it is the garden of Eden, to live on earth as it is in heaven. Moreover, both stages of practice are carried out with a mind that has both valid cognition of voidness and an unlabored bodhichitta aim. History Anuttra Mahasiddha Sahaja. Mind, in Buddhism, refers to the mental activity of mere clarity and awareness. In this sense, we are purifying our love so that it becomes tantar it becomes purer.

With generation stage practice, we work on the conceptual level, namely with our imaginations. The pathway mind that we use to purify the foundation in the sense of getting it to stop generating number one and to generate number two instead also follows this same structure.


May we all know liberation in this lifetime and be graced with the splendour of the infinite, ceaseless, eternally rising sun. Explanation of The Mahamudra PrayerPart 3 ] Dissolving Disturbing Emotions into Underlying Deep Awareness Another method used in mahamudra and dzogchen meditation is to dissolve the five major types of disturbing emotion into the five types of corresponding deep awareness ye-shes that underlies them.

We want to stop it forever and, in that sense, purify it.

The Encyclopedia of Tibetan Symbols and Motifs. To bring about the attainment of a true stopping of the cognitive obscurations, it needs to be conjoined as well with a bodhichitta aim. The Englightened Heart of Buddhahood: Home Introduction News Donors Donate.

Highest Yoga Tantra – Rigpa Wiki

In Gelug-Kagyu mahamudra meditation, we shift the focus of our attention from the content of the sensory or mental cognition that is accompanied by a disturbing emotion and focus instead on the conventional nature of the mental activity that is occurring. But there can be a true stopping of those sufferings, such that they never qnuttara. Liberation in the Palm of Your Hand: Anuttarayoga Tantra Sanskrit, Tibetan: