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No Dt Service regulations of. APSEB. No Dt and. No Dt APSEB pension rules. to APSEB. (Revised) Conduct Regulations -Orders -Issued. -~ ~~-~-~~-~-~ in the service All Deputy General Managers/P&G Services/SPDCL/Tirupati. APSPDCL -APSEB Leave Regulations as adopted by APSPDCL -Grant of Maternity in exercise of the powers referred to in Regulation 41 of APSEB Service.

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So tested, we find no failure of justice. October 11, F.


Supreme Court Of India07 May It has been observed by this Court in Surath Chandra Chakravarty vs. Please subscribe to download the sefvice.

State Bank Of India, Bhopal vs. Nathan Perry 1 years ago Views: Supreme Court Of India12 Jan What the Supreme Court has observed in D. Choudhary next contends that the order of the 1st respondent communicated to the petitioner in Memo dated March 25, is bad on the ground that it confirmed the order of the 2nd respondent without giving any reasons and in a mechanical way.

It is not in dispute that an enquiry was duly conducted by the 2nd respondent after giving adequate opportunity to the petitioner in respect of the following charges: Board to recover any loss sustained by the Board due to non-closing the work orders operated by him prior to July 21, Definition document for colleges of further education Freedom of Information Act Definition document for colleges of further education For the avoidance of doubt, this document covers further education colleges in England, Wales and Northern Ireland that More information.


On the other hand, as already noticed above, he submitted three written statements in an attempt to explain his absence relying on his leave letters. Mechanism to monitor compliance with employment law in outsourced operations.

APTRANSCO Service Regulations, Leave Regulations

The 2nd respondent finally held as follows:. In these articles, unless the context otherwise requires, the following words or expressions. It is for the disciplinary authority to consider what would be the nature of the punishment to be imposed on a government servant based upon the proved misconduct against the government servant. The estimated value apsen the material valued at Rs.

In addition to the statutory provisions, the More information. Click to upgrade Your Package to have this feature. In this connection reference may be made to fundamental rule 55 which provides, inter alia, that without prejudice to the provisions of the Regulationd Servants Enquiry Act, no order of dismissal, removal or reduction shall be passed on a member of service unless he is informed in writing reguations the grounds, on which it is proposed to take action and has been afforded an adequate opportunity of defending himself.

Get 1 point on providing a valid sentiment to this Citation. The hospital authorities told me that he will be available only on November 17, and until then I have to live in rooms with them at Madras.

Restructure, Redeployment and Redundancy Restructure, Redeployment and Redundancy Purpose and Scope From time regulationss time the Lake District National Park Authority will need to reorganise its services and staffing to meet changes that arise in future More information. Copy of the same is herewith enclosed along with a copy of the medical certificate.



Keeping in view the factual matrix of the present case and the above observations of the Supreme Court, it is not possible for us to hold that the petitioner did not have fair and adequate opportunity or that the principles of natural justice are violated.

This was added by B. The petitioner was working as Additional Assistant Engineer at the relevant time. Raghavaiah, AAE is deemed to have resigned from A.

Committee constituted with 8 members on the agenda 1. Petitioner’s appeal to the 1st respondent was dismissed under the impugned Memo dated March 25, This Society shall be known as the “Indian Women’s Association”, hereinafter referred to as the “Society”.

In his statement dated May 19,the petitioner further stated as follows: Therefore, in the background of the petitioner’s continuous absence for long stretches and, in particular, his absence continuously from October 11,the question posed by Regulatios VI is whether the petitioner was unauthorisedly absent for a period exceeding one year attracting the provisions of Regulation 28 3 of the Service Regulations.