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The first introduction to the field of Arabic sociolinguistics, this book Reem Bassiouney For the layperson, there is only one language called ‘Arabic’. For the. The first introduction to the field of Arabic sociolinguistics, this book discusses major trends in research on diglossia, code-switching, Reem Bassiouney. This introduction to major topics in the field of Arabic sociolinguistics Reem Bassiouney is an assistant professor of Arabic linguistics at Georgetown University.

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According to Labov nothing could be achieved until the field developed a clearer way of presenting phonological structure, which required the development of tape recorders, sociolinguisticss, sampling procedures, and computers to process large quantities of data in Shuy Speakers of Arabic are aware of a larger entity that somehow unites them: We basically, after five minutes, reached a deadlock. In the next paragraphs I will define the term sociolinguistics and the main themes that sociolinguists are concerned with as well as the tasks of sociolin- guists.

For example, speech events can fall under differ- ent domains, like a baseball conversation and an electrical engineering lecture.

The following example is a skciolinguistics in point It is usually read aloud from texts and, if the speaker is highly skilled, may also be used in the commentary to the text. The recording of both seminars lasted for two hours. However, the tense person morpheme ta is MSA, and can be considered an outsider late system morpheme since it depends on information from outside its head, the verb; it derives its information from the subject.


As was shown in all the examples above, sometimes there seems to be more than one ML at work. While I was interpreting, a female politician started speaking in a language that I did not recognise.

Arabic Sociolinguistics | Georgetown University Press

The use of the jussive here is mandatory after the negative particle lam. However, Arabic vari- ationist sociolinguistics flourished after Ferguson’s article about diglossia in In the example the ECA form has been selected. The definition of code-switching by dif- ferent linguists renders the term very inclusive and general see the definition of Gumperz above and that of Myers-Scotton Second, if it is still difficult for linguists to agree about the different levels used even in a single community, how much more difficult could it be to try to describe bassioney the rules are for inter-communal communication?

The person is marked by the prefix? Egypt, like any other country in the world, has more than one dialect spoken within it, the most prestigious one being the Cairene dialect for Egyptians.

The access to the H variety or language is bassiouey restricted to an outsider. The fact that their ML is a composite does not necessarily mean that one code is changing or dying, and it does not mean that one code will take the place of another.

Note the following example, in which the speaker compares and contrasts how old people are cared for in Britain and the Arab world Wernberg-Moller I do not think explaining exceptions as ‘borrowings’ solves the problem.

Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia Table 5. In fact ECA is structurally different from all other varieties in that the demonstrative occurs after rather than before the noun it modifies. She had one bassiiuney inform- ant who was 28 years old and two male informants who were 19 and 33 years old. Your grandfather then asked your father how he can marry a mere widow with no family.


Indeed, writing a book about Arabic sociolinguistics is a challenging task. The term ‘code-switching’ can be very broad or very narrow, as are all socillinguistics in sociolinguistics.

Arabic Sociolinguistics

The idea of ESA acknowledges the possibility of switching between the vernacular and MSA without assuming anything about intermediate styles. These morphemes are crucial in determining the ML. Before proceeding with what this book discusses, I would like to refer to specific incidents that the reader may find interesting and that in general terms show the importance of Arabic socio- linguistics and the relationship between language and society.

I think these examples suggest that the situation in the Egyptian community is more complicated. Sentence fillers in SCA include words like ya? And when they switch consistently, they usually do so for a specific purpose Romaine Such problems are difficult to deal with and will be discussed in Chapter 3. Thus, it is not easy to come up with one ML, since it is sometimes difficult to decide which code is being used in the first place.

However, it still alludes to the extent of differences between dialects. This is a prayer from a heart that never lost hope or belief in you.

The following is an anecdote narrated by Ferguson