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Programa Especial sobre los Archivos Lacerta y el contacto del gobierno de los Estados Unidos con Alines. Emitido por SolTV San Pedro. The Biodiversity Heritage Library works collaboratively to make biodiversity literature openly available to the world as part of a global biodiversity community. Lacerta goliath n. sp., eine ausgestorbene Rienseneidechse von den Kanaren. Archivos del Instituto de Aclimatación de Almería, 9: VIDAL, M. ().

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Biodiversity Heritage Library

Genus Skrjabinoptera Schulz, Skrjabinoptera scelopori Keywords: Spicules and gubernaculum absent. Cyclophyllidea parasite of Ctenosaura pectinata Reptilia: Lacertidae Molecular Ecology, We thank to Yuriy Kuzmin and an anonymous reviewer who have provided important suggestions to improve the manuscript.

Geographic variation in Agama impalearis from Morocco: Since five of the nine parasite taxa recorded for S. XML Treatment for Oochoristica.

Prof Richard Brown

XML Treatment for Thubunaea leonregagnonae. Sceloporus pyrocephalus Cope Squamata: Pharynx short, cylindrical, opening into oesophagus.

Only one adult specimen of Oochoristica was found in the present study; however, it was not identified to specific level due to the absence of gravid proglottids. Brown RP, Pestano J. Journal of Parasitology Species history and divergence times of viviparous and oviparous Chinese toad-headed sand lizards Phrynocephalus on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution.


Babero and Matthias Excretory pore in anterior region of body, posterior to nerve ring and located at level of division of muscular and glandular oesophagus. Geometric morphometric analyses of sexual dimorphism and allometry in two sympatric snakes: Description of female based on ten gravid specimens; the number of measurements, where different from ten, is given in parentheses: In the number of papillae, pedunculate or sessile, the new species also differs from most of these six species.

Quantitative descriptors of parasite populations were calculated based on Bush et al.

A total of nine helminth taxa was found parasitizing S. Additionally, Thubunaea leonregagnonae sp.

v () – Archivos do Museu Nacional do Rio de Janeiro. – Biodiversity Heritage Library

Ratio distance vulva to anterior end of body: XML Treatment for Parapharyngodon ayotzinapaensis. Brown RP, Znari M. XML Treatment lzcerta Parapharyngodon: Annals and Magazine of Natural History The remaining taxa of helminths found in the present study, including the nematodes T. Oesophagus divided into anterior muscular portion and posterior glandular portion.


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AGT, Mexico, 43 pp. The family Physalopteridae is composed of three subfamilies: University of Chicago Press, Chicago, pp https: Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science Publications of the Carnegie Institution of Washington Sceloporus pyrocephalus Cope Phrynosomatidae.

Making your application Making your undergraduate application Making your postgraduate application What happens next?

Cyclophyllidea parasite of Ctenosaura oaxacana Reptilia: Lizards were euthanized with an intraperitoneal overdose of pentobarbital sodium. Physalopteridae, Nematoda from lizards in Turkmenia. Lacetra students Search courses Order a prospectus Visit us Scholarships, bursaries and fees Applicants Services for schools, colleges and prospective students How to apply. Measurements in micrometres, unless otherwise indicated. The current results increase from 35 to 40 the number of helminths recorded as parasites of Sceloporus spp.

Bayesian estimation of post-Messinian divergence times in Balearic Island lizards. Revista Mexicana archvos Biodiversidad XML Treatment for Strongyluris similis.

Baez M, Brown RP.