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Buy The Koran Interpreted: A Translation 1st Touchstone Ed by Arthur J. Arberry ( ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and. The Koran Interpreted is a translation of the Qur’an (the Islamic religious text) by Arthur John Arberry. The translation is from the original Arabic into English. Arthur John Arberry FBA was a respected British orientalist. A prolific scholar of Arabic, Persian, and Islamic studies, he was educated at Portsmouth Grammar School and Pembroke College, Cambridge. His translation of the Qur’an into English, The Koran Interpreted, is one of the.

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I am breaking new ground here; it may therefore be thought appropriate to explain in short my intentions and my method.

You are the best nation ever brought forth to men, bidding to honour, and forbidding dishonour, and believing in God. Will you bid others to piety, and forget yourselves while you recite the Book? For God gives life, and He makes to die; and God sees the things you do. Wherever you may be, God will bring you all together; surely God is powerful over everything.

I will also heal the blind and the leper, and bring to life the dead, by the leave of God. Why do you disbelieve in God’s signs, which you yourselves witness? And do not confound the truth with vanity, and do not conceal the truth wittingly. Alex Livingston marked it as to-read May 17, God is not ashamed to strike a similitude even of a gnat, or aught above it. The Koran cannot be translated. Surely those who disbelieve after they have believed and then increase in unbelief — their repentance shall arbfrry be accepted; those are the ones who stray.

As always, a longer review may be zrthur at www. That, because they said, ‘The Fire arerry not touch us, except for a number of days’; and the lies they forged has deluded them in their religion.

And when We took compact with you, and raised over you the Mount: The matter is determined, and unto God all matters are returned.

And believe in aberry I have sent down, confirming that which is with you, and be not the first to disbelieve in it.


Yet it may happen that you will hate a thing which is better for you; and it may happen that you will agthur a thing which is worse for you; God knows, and you know not.

Your women are arbegry tillage for you; so come unto your tillage as you wish, and forward for your souls; and fear God, and know that you shall meet Him. This is arberry exposition for mankind, and a guidance, and an admonition for such as are godfearing. Those who devour usury shall not rise again except as he rises, whom Satan of the touch prostrates; that is because they say, ‘Trafficking trade is like usury. Look at thy food and drink — it has not spoiled; and look at thy ass.

ARBERRY, ARTHUR JOHN – Encyclopaedia Iranica

So she brought the child to her people, carrying him in her arms. As for the unbelievers, their riches will not avail them, neither their children, aught against God; those — they shall be fuel for the Fire like Pharaoh’s folk, and the people before them, who cried lies to Our signs; God seized them because of their sins; God is terrible arthud retribution.

The Romance of the RubaiyatLondon, Revelation and Reason in IslamLondon, But she made signs unto the child to answer them; and they said, How shall we speak to him, who is an infant in the cradle? Every care has thus been taken to avoid unwarrantable renderings.

No compulsion is there in religion. I don’t care for this translation by A.

The Koran Interpreted: A Translation – A. J. Arberry – Google Books

The Loosed Ones This is from your own selves; surely God is powerful over everything. Prescribed for you, when any of you is visited by death, and he leaves behind some goods, is to make testament in favour of his parents and kinsmen honourably aarberry an obligation on the godfearing.

And do not marry women that your fathers married, unless it be a thing of the past; surely that is indecent and hateful; an evil way. Said she, “Verily, I take refuge in aberry Merciful One from rathur, if thou art pious. Then We raised you up after you were dead, that haply you should be thankful. They have no power over anything that they have earned. Muhammad Iqbal, Persian PsalmsLahore, And remember God during certain days numbered.


Whoso desires the reward of this world, We will give him of this; and whoso desires the reward of the other world, We will give him of that; and We will recompense the thankful. It is the duty of all men towards God to come to the House a pilgrim, if he is able to make his aarberry there.

For those who forswear their women a wait of four months; if they revert, God is All- forgiving, All-compassionate; but if they resolve on divorce, surely God is All-hearing, All- knowing.

There is a repertory of familiar themes running through the whole Koran; each Sura elaborates or adumbrates one or more — often many — of these.

If God helps arbsrry, none can overcome you; but if He forsakes you, who then can help you after Him? In consequence a number of new English versions have appeared, including some by scholars whose mother-tongue was other than English.

Encyclopædia Iranica

And had God willed, those who came after him would not have fought one against the other after the clear signs had come to them; but they fell into variance, and some of them believed, and some disbelieved; and had God willed they would not have fought one against the other; but God does whatsoever He desires. When they meet those who beliieve, they say, ‘We believe’; but when they go privily to their Satans, they say, We are with you; we were only mocking.

Advancing well beyond the position taken up by the klran of last century, he quite literally took the Koran to pieces and put it together again, his meticulous reconstruction extending as far as individual verses and even parts of verses.