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Arthur Posnansky enjoys a rather ambiguous status in contemporary Bolivian archaeology. On the one hand, he is hailed as the father of the South American. Arthur Posnansky, followed by Kurt Bilau have proposed a date of circa BC as the date of fall of Tiwanaku. There are also reports of pre-Incan structures. Tihuanacu, the Cradle of American Man, Vols. I and II. Arthur Posnansky. New York: J. J. Augustin, – Volume 13 Issue 4Part1 – W. C. Bennett.

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It is not a new thing to study the age of archaeological monuments by astronomical means. By consulting the literature cited in the notes accompanying the text, complete and precise information may be had arthr all the subjects which have been treated very hastily in the present chapter.

The erosion of the blocks of the Posnajsky Period which are exclusively of red sandstone and of their very primitive sculptures on a calcareous volcanic tufa, show an abrasion extending over thousands of years. However the earliest suggestion of Antarctica as the home of Atlantis seems to have come from a Chilean professor, Roberto Rengifowho also proposed, inthat Antarctica was the original home arthud modern man until a catastrophic pole shift forced a migration northward into the Americas and eventually worldwide!

Subsequently, Rand Flem-Ath co-authored with Colin Wilson a second book [ ] that added further background to the theory. Later, it awarded him two gold medals, one inthe other in Adobe Photoshop CS2 Windows.

Arthur Posnansky – Wikidata

In time, he became a prosperous entrepreneur. Most widely held works by Arthur Posnansky. Ludendorff also carried out studies with us in Tihuanacu. Versucb einer astronomischen AllersbestimmungBerlin, Dietrich Reimer, Andrew Collins is another writer who was initially attracted to the Antarctica hypothesis, but eventually opted for Cuba as the location of Atlantis.

If one wished to collect all of the ideas about the great age of the civilization of Tihuanacu with the attendant bases and proofs, one could fill a whole book. As we have said, the building was located, during the period of its apogee, exactly on the astronomical meridian, and this is an orientation which it preserves almost exactly today.

This fact gave rise to polemics and malicious interpretations. XI where the studies were published: However, in any event, even leaving aside the calculation by astronomical methods, the age of Tihuanacu, a figure somewhere beyond ten thousand years the age of the Second and Third periods will always be, on the basis of geology, paleontology and anthropology, very great no matter by what method or standard it is judged.

Ashley Cowie has recently proposed that Tiwanaku was located on an ancient Prime Meridian w. Then those territories began to rise slowly also, while the zones to the south, like those of Argentina, because of their distance from the equator, still supported for a long time an enormous covering of ice which held these regions, in various places, still submerged under the ocean, regions designated today as pampa formation.


I have addressed the critical questions of when, where and who, using Plato’s own words, tempered with some critical thinking and a modicum of common sense. At this time, he was deeply involved in cognate studies. As I have alluded to above, it seems to me that those who promote the daft idea of an Antarctic Atlantis, do so in the knowledge that the icecap there is unlikely to disappear within their lifetime, which might reveal evidence for or against the proposition.

The index of length-width is: Jim Allen has included an extensive article on the life and research of Posnansky, including excerpts from his work a. Another fact which must be taken into account is that when at the present time during the summer solstice one observes the sun toward the south pillar of the east wall, the slopes of the hill Akapana cross his line of vision as is seen in the small accompanying drawing, Fig.

The Altiplano at the time of Tihuanacu’s height did not show the inclination toward the south which it now has, and the lake then extended over all the land which now constitutes that region; that is, over all the enormous basin enclosed by the Andes.

Kalasasaya of the Third Period atlantisbolivia.

The astronomical angles are, with some slight difference, almost the same as those of the Kalasasaya of the Second Period. This spillway constituted the outlet for the artificial lake located on the surface of the pukara Akapana; it drained into the moat which, communicating with the lake, formed an island in the most sacred part of the temple.

The following other wikis use this file: However, it must be posnanskt that the dating conclusions of Posnansky, Schoch, Bauval and Gilbert are all hotly disputed. But the most interesting thing is that if one observes, at a distance of five meters toward the west of the aforementioned observation block, where there are still remains or arthut construction, the centers of the Kalasasayas 98 of the west balcony wall, one notes that the sun sets in the center of the pillars “A” and “K” at the solstices and on the dates noted on the accompanying diagram.

Posnansky, Arthur 1873-1946

It was necessary and it is logical posnxnsky suppose that there would be a period of transition between the two forms of dwelling and this is seen in the completely subterranean dwelling that we have in Tihuanacu. This analysis can be summarized as follows: Published October 9, An ice core, 3 km long, which was recently recovered from Antarctica, has shown a continuous record stretching backyears.

posnandky But we feel certain that in the preceding paragraphs we have outlined in a clear and synthetic form, the nature of such proofs, which are: EissmannArthur Posnansky made a similar suggestion around the same time. In posnnsky zones located farther to the north, a little above sea level, the regions remained in a static condition. With regard to the first, or prehistoric, period of Tihuanacu, as we have decided to call it, this is much more remote and we do not have, because of the present state of science, any basis for establishing astronomical calculations; rather, we can use only a geological basis for the determination of the period in which it was built, a method which artbur not make it possible to express its age in figures, but only to lay down a hypothetical affirmation of a geological epoch and this also only within the limitations inherent to the present state of our knowledge in this field.


Later in that decade he made his first visit to Tiahuanaco. Surprisingly, Morrison did not mention the mysterious puquios of the Nazca region fwhich, with the aid of satellite imagery ghave been shown to have been part of a sophisticated hydraulic system that supplied water to an extremely arid locality. Up to this time four of these have been found in almost intact form and before our studies two more were found. We feel, also, that our observations will be of help to those who in the future, establish themselves in the region under study, and having the necessary time and resources, face the study in all its amplitude, correcting errors which we may have made, and poxnansky shedding greater light on the purposes for which that magnificent temple and stone calendar was constructed and on the age of these notable ruins.

Ingeniero Arthur Posnansky en Perhaps the person who carried out this class of investigations with most skill and understanding was Sir Norman LockyerPresident of the Physical Solar Observatory of London, who, posbanskyin his detailed work “Stonehenge and Other British Stone Monuments”, supplied the necessary foundation for the methodological investigation of the epochs in which there were constructed the monuments of remote antiquity.

External links Twitter Facebook Discord. Most of the claims made by alternative historians and pseudoarchaeologists revolve around the dating of Tiwanaku, the advanced stonemasonry displayed in its construction and its apparent “cataclysmic destruction”. He used his expertise to become the director of a river navigation company, arthug was called La Empresa de Navegacao dos rios Purus e Acre.

After finding that any substantial reward was unattainable because of the bankrupt state of the Bolivian treasury, he devoted his talents towards building private businesses involved in mining and international trade. Posnansky, Templos y viviendas,p. As a result these lands descended and after the glacial masses had melted or retired from those zones, freed of their weight the territories rose again. Archaeology and Paleoecology of an Andean Civilizationvol. Many other exotic claims have been made relating to Antarctica including that it was a UFO base i and that a refuge for Hitler had built there in an area that was known as Neuschwabenland h.

Published February 8, During the Third Reich was requested by Heinrich Himmler to take artgur team of researchers from the Ahnenerbe to continue his studies at Tiahuanaco but the expedition was called off.