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Ashtakavarga chart tobe verified and find out the strenth of each houses. The important houses are 1st the Lagna, 2nd dhana sthana, 4th sukha. Know your Ashtakavarga Prediction for professional core competence with vedic astrology, ashtakavarga analysis has unique strength to calculate the. As per Ashtakavarga in birth chart we can find the strength of planet based rashi the strength of the planet we can predict more result about the planet strength.

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All the 12 zodiacal signs are divided into 3 parts. If you find many other reasons then you should know that there is a great concern pertaining to children. Once we get a horoscope for analysis, we need to exert an Ashtakavarga chart before beginning our application of rules and our analysis of its impact.

In this chart you note the following: If the 11 th house contains more numbers of benefic dots than the 10 th house then the native will get more money than the efforts put in by ashtaiavarga. If the total of Poshak is more than Ghatak then the native is a rich man.

I am trying to load ashtakavaarga Chart. Disease-unhappy Starting from the ascendant till the house which has Saturn both inclusive add up the total number of benefic dots.

If the 3 rd division is bigger than the 2nd division and the 2 nd division is bigger than the first division then Kaahal yoga is generated. Chart could not be posted. I am an Engineering Graduate from A. Also note xshtakavarga houses with less number. Any one of the above two combinations in the native horoscopes can give inheritance. Professional core competence consists of clusters of natural talents, attitude, knowledge and skill set.


Most of these people are successful provided other planetary positions are promising.

I am the key to your Future: ASHTAKAVARGA PREDICTION

Note the remainder as well as the number obtained by the division. In marriage if the Bride and Bridegroom have more than 30 benefic dots in their rashi Moon sign then they would have a happy married life and would be successful. If there are 30 or more benefic dots in the ascendant, prediftions th house, 10 th house and the 11 th house then such a native will be happy like a king all through out his life or shall have power and affluence like that of a king.

The most special part of this article by Late C.

Ashtakavarga Calculation

If in all the houses of horoscope there are benefic dots between 27 to 29 then the native leads happy and leisurely life through out his life span. Some of them are given below:. For travelling and other religious workhouses and ascendant with less than 25 benefic dots should be avoided. Email required Address never made public.

Ashtzkavarga need to wear the proper gems, do the remedies, and use the knowledge available through scientific Astrology. In a horoscope there are minimum benefic points for e. The ashtkavarga of this yoga is that as the age advances the life of the native gets better and better and he leads happy and prosperous life.

Difficulty due to Evil Spirits If the Moon is weak and if the Moon sign lord is having less than 25 benefic points and if Moon is fully aspected by Saturn birth is on New Moon day and if Moon is aspected by Saturn then that native is harassed by evil spirits. Note this happens only in Capricorn and Aquarius ascendant. Other planetary positions and influence must also indicate problems related to father.


Whenever Sun passes through the house containing more number of benefic dots; in that month and in the same way determine the day by the passage of Moon if important works are commenced on that day it is certain that the works commenced shall be successful without any hindrance and shall give good results.


He needs ashtakavrga to be with him all the time. Some astrologers give predictions based on Bhinnashtakvarga which does not include Lagnashtakvarga benefic dots based on ascendant where the total is is not proper. Today the entire horoscope with all data required for analysis can be obtained in less than five minutes using astrological software.

Self Earning If the 10 th house has 36 or more benefic dots and it does not have any malefic planet nor is it aspected by malefic planet then the native will be self made, will earn well and shall lead a happy life. He will be best among the people. Please copy and paste this embed predivtions to where you want to embed Embed Script.