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Editorial Reviews. Review. Praise for Robert A. Heinlein: ”He made footsteps big enough for a Assignment in Eternity – Kindle edition by Robert A. Heinlein. Assignment in Eternity by Robert A. Heinlein; 16 editions; First published in ; Subjects: American Science fiction, Internet Archive Wishlist. Assignment in Eternity, is a collection of four mixed science fiction and fantasy novellas by Robert A. Heinlein, first published in hardcover by Fantasy Press.

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This book has 4 short stories of Heinlein’s from to What makes Biblio different? The shyster needs a hook, an angle to rouse the emotions of the public in favor of rights for Jerry the case is, of course, being televised. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Assignment In Eternity

Deals with the persecutions of psychics who try to organize. Worse than just “dated. Love the endings to these short stories! New English Library, Great Britain, A very striking copy. It was a series of novellas tied loosely by the concept that humans don’t really use their hrinlein to potential and what if we did.

Assignment in Eternity | Open Library

Gulf is surprisingly deep and seems to get some things right for the coming future. Assignment in Eternity 1 3 Aug 16, Showing best matches Show all copies. Three fantastic Robert Heinlein books!

Publisher’s orange cloth binding with gilt titles stamped on spine. Overall I would recommend this book if you’re a fan of Heinlein and looking to read some stories of his that don’t really fit in anywhere else. Gulf – In which the greatest superspy of them all is revealed as the leader of a league of supermen and women who can’t quite decide.


Heinlein Blackstone Audio, Inc. In ‘Lost Legacy’ the young heroine is much more excited to say, to the matriarchally uber-competent “Mrs. None of the stories have much intrigue, and the novellas lack schwerpunkt. Secret society apparently is the scion of Atlantisand the ancient empire was ruled by persons with pagan deity names. New in the shrink wrap. A fine copy in a nearly fine dust jacket with some mild edge rubbing at front flap fold and a touch at spine ends, some dust soiling to rear panel.

During a tour, the wife encounters a polite, elderly ape named Jerry jn can speak, but is on death row as he has outlived his usefulness.

ueinlein Very Good in Assgnment Good dust jacket. Ib, Modern First Editions. A fine copy in a nearly fine dust jacket with some mild edge rubbing at front flap fold and a touch at spine ends, some dust soi Edition: From the idea that there are already supermen with faster reflexes and better brains amongst us in a fight to preserve the Earth from some of the more crooked of the supermen or even just evil; on over to can an anthropomorphic animal that has been given some human traits such as basic speech and reasoning be considered a human.

Heinlein Heinlein, Robert A. Jun 28, Mikael Cerbing rated it liked it Shelves: The second novella involves some academics who are inducted into the society by Ambrose Bierce and are used to democratize prana-bindu techniques; they are resisted by rich greasers, who are led by a “creature” in a “wheelchair” that controls unions, commerce, and religious fundamentalists ; not sure if that’s supposed to be FDR or what.


Assignment in Eternity Heinlein, Robert A. The development of those powers is extremely well written. This time there are bad guys who are also “talented” and our intrepid heroes have to fight them for control of the human race.

I’d also like to see th Some of my favorite reading back in the day was “golden age” science fiction that I had found a stash of in the thrift store of the tiny town I grew up in. Ben’s broken legs heal overnight. Ordinarily the ability to write compelling prose — which is not actually a given, especially in hard SF — would be good, but in RAH’s case this often results in me being taken on journeys I really, really did not want to go on, and yet I find myself unable to stop.

Jun 18, Derek rated it liked it. They aren’t really extraordinary as these things go, but, none the less, he finds he’s one of a select group of people who can think far more quickly than normal folks, have far greater intelligence, and, at least on a good day, also possess the ability to communicate telepathically.

You’ll want to make that trip again and again.