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ASTM AM. Heavy Hex Structural Bolting Assemblies (Metric). (AM Bolt, AM Nut & FM Washer). T. R. U. C. T. U. R. A. L. TUNNEL. RAIL. ASTM AM: Standard Specification for Structural Bolts, Steel, Heat Treated MPa Minimum Tensile Strength (Metric). ASTM A/AM Type 3 is a grade specification for structural bolts, stud bolts, threaded rods made from carbon steel, covering requirements for chemical.

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High-strength structural bolting saaemblies for preloading-Part 4: Heavy hex structural bolts. Metric heavy hexagon bolts. The washers are said to directly indicate the tension since they have a know crush load.

ASTM A – Wikipedia

Some common head markings are shown in the figure below. A and A heavy hex structural bolts are now grades satm the new F specification. Some classes of bolts in the F family that are essentially equivalent to some common types of structural bolts are the following: Note that independent of the material the bolt is quenched and tempered.

Heavy Hex Bolts Suppliers 2.

ASTM A325/A325M Type 3 Bolts, Stud Bolts, Threaded Rods

Hexagon bolts for structural bolting with large width across flats. These types of bolts are designed to be tightened to near their proof strengthin order to create significant bolt tension. Technically they are not really a325, bolts at all but are included here because they are often used in bearing connections where the loading is not large or is not critical to the performance or safety of the structure. Metric Heavy Hex Structural Bolts. astj


Most iron workers use pneumatic power wrenches, also called impact wrenches, to tighten bolts. There are three types of AM bolts: As the bolt satm tightened the groves on the washer flatten out. In fact, it is not necessary to be too careful about achieving some specific amount of tension as long as the bolt is in the yielded condition.

If the bolt tension is too large, the bolt may break. Such bolts might, for example, be used in a roof truss made up of angle sections in an industrial building or to connect brace members to main structural members.

Both USCU and metric fasteners are marked so that iron workers and inspectors can quickly and easily verify that they are using the correct type of fastener e. High-Strength Steel Bolts Suppliers 1. Although AM bolts are made using A Class 8.

Hexagon bolts with large width across flats for high strength structural bolting. Hexagon bolts with large widths across flats for steel structures. Metric Heavy Hex Head Bolts.


System HV-Hexagon bolt with large width across flats and nut assemblies. The bolt head are also marked with a manufacturers mark e. Turn-of-the-Nut Method The turn-of-the-nut method is the easiest and least expensive method for installing fasteners with the proper asm tension.

There are also three connection types defined: Hex bolt for pipe flange connection.

Heavy Hex Structural Bolts ASTM AM

Large hex bolts for structural bolting with large width across flats – short thread. The bolt is tightened further by either hammering on the spud wrench or using a pneumatic impact wrench until the rotating part has rotated the required amount. High-strength hexagon bolts with large widths across flats for structural bolting Suppliers 2. An iron worker tightens the bolt and nut as tight as possible using a spud 3 wrench or a pneumatic impact wrench.

Hexagon nuts -Black, Heavy style. The minimum tensile strength and the minimum bolt installation tension are shown in the table below.