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PARITTA PALI Only the Ratana Sutta, Mora Sutta, Vatta Sutta, Atanatiya Sutta, Angulimala . Angulimala Sutta for easy delivery for expectant mothers;. Atanatiya Sutta means something in Buddhism, Pali. If you want to know the exact meaning, history, etymology or English translation of this term then check out. Atanatiya Sutta. Pali, Indonesia · English. Appasannehi nāthassa, sāsane sādhusammate; amanussehi candehi, sadā kibbisakāribhi.

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The bhikkhu who is reciting it should not eat meat atanatiiya food made from powdered grains. Kassapassa ca namatthu, vippamuttassa sabbadhi. I, 76; II, 13; Vin.

Atanatija the western region there are great powerful dragon snakes. He should not sit in the open to recite. May they also protect us to be healthy and happy. And in order that the Buddhas disciples, haunting lonely and remote parts of the forest where the Yakkhas dwelt, might find protection from them, Vessavana suggested that the Buddha might learn the Atanatiya word rune rakkha.

Bhikkhu Bodhi Whatever is will be was. All these Buddhas admitted to be the knowers of the supreme state of Enlightenment.

Need help with Atanatiya Sutta – Dhamma Wheel

By these Buddhas, may you be protected so that you may be liberated from all calamities. May all the dangers be eradicated. May not injure the four social atanatija, and may protect society from dangers. Then the spirit possessing the victim should atanatiyq asked: In the northern region there are great powerful ogres.


You have to be a member in order to post comments. The Sub-commentary adds that a bhikkhu should speak on blessings before reciting the sutta with loving-kindness. The Buddhas, the peace-makers may always protect you to be happy.

An announcement should be made for all bhikkhus to be assembled. The Buddha agreeing, Vessavana proceeded to recite it. Then after having had lamps lighted and the terrace swept, he should speak on blessings. If you want to know the exact meaning, history, etymology or English translation of this term then check out the descriptions on this page. You may not sktta any of the site content on your own website, nor for commercial distribution.

The Atanatiya Sutta is now regarded as a Paritta, and its influence pervades a hundred million world systems VibhA. The biggest tree around the monastery should be located and its resident deva summoned: All these Buddhas are noble sages atanatita shine with the surrounding halo apli about the length of one stretched arm.

Atanatiya Sutta

In the southern region there are great powerful gods. They are all endowed with immense radiating light, of almighty power, of infinite wisdom, and of immutable strength. It opens with a salutation to the seven Buddhas, beginning with Vipassi.

Out of respect for the Bhikkhu Sangha, release this person. Below are direct links for the most relevant articles:. Search found related definition s that might help you understand this better.

Otherwise, and only then, should the Atanatiya Sutta be recited. Guide to Tipitaka by U Ko Lay. To those who are endowed with the nature of piety, and who always revere the elders, these four boons shall prosper; namely, longevity, beauty, happiness and strength. In Ceylon, for instance, it is recited with great fervour at the conclusion of the Paritta ceremonies, particularly in times of illness, in order to ward off evil spirits. This is the procedure for lay victims.


All Buddhas are powerful ones. I have these two texts http: It is included in the list of Parittas found in the Milinda panha, p.

Atanatiya Sutta, Ātānātiya-sutta: 1 definition

Page 2 Sacitta, 1 nt. I was thinking that one should shout the Names of the Commanders and then make the complaint: To publish the books, permission must be sought from the appropriate copyright owners. The Book of Protection atanstiya Piyadassi Thera. Below you will find the 15 most relevant articles:. They all are revered by the world of gods and men.

In autta that the hostile non-human beings, who are always evil-doers and who do not have faith in this well-esteemed religion of the Lord. The inquiry part is not included in the link Pegembara provided, it would be good if knowledgeable people would contact me suutta PM me for more information.

And what is right speech? Add your comment or reference to a book if you want to contribute to this summary article. These four kings are famous guardian spirits of the world.