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AudioControl DQXSWith 6-channels, the DQXS could interface with a variety of source units with 2, 4, or 6 channels. It even has a programmable memory built in . With 6-channels, the DQXS could interface with a variety of source units with 2, 4, or 6 channels. It even has a programmable memory built in, allowing advanced. Shop Lowest Price on: AudioControl DQXS – Crossovers | 6-Channel Digital Crossover/Equalizer with Memory | General Features Six Channel 3-Way Crossover.

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AccessoriesCar AudioGadgets. And the sound that I got from making the plethora of allowable sound adjustments was nothing short of delicious!

This dwxs you have separate EQ control of the front channels, rear channels, and subwoofer.

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All Auction Buy It Now. The AudioControl in this situation will give you better control so they won’t try to play bass frequencies they can’t handle. Overkill again comes to mind, but in a very good way. So the bit of comedy found in the manual did make reading audiocontgol a fun experience. For the crossover section, it features six channels in and eight channels out. Asus Xonar DG 5. I was very pleased, as I was able to listen to my music until I got the replacement driver.

Sat around in garage for awhile until I decided that I wanted to sell it. The db slope is also nice and steep so you know what you want to hear from your speakers will be what you will get. Dual stereo auxiliary inputs 3. But in doing so, I easily saw the benefit and convenience of having it, and would highly recommend getting it as well.


I have to say it is the first owners manual that was entertaining to read. Passive designs will be placed between the amp and speakers and are wired into your car to filter out the unwanted frequencies. Inquire Within for Further Details. But it does not stop there.

There is also an optional wired remote so that you can make changes easily from the driver’s seat. These use a processor chip to handle the division of frequencies.

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This method allows the frequencies under your selected frequency to be sent to the selected speakers. Your MP3 player thinks your car stereo is a pair of headphones, so it removes the bass!

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Epicenter Digital Bass RestorationProcessor. Show only see all. The low pass can also be used as a bandpass. AudioControl is a Washington State-based company that has manufactured audio equipment for business, home, and vehicle use for over 40 years.

The subwoofer cha nnel is also not forgotten. Unique bass restoration circuit. These filters are also considered electronic crossovers. Programmable 15 to Hz. Provides up to 10 channels of output.


Wired dash-mount bass remote. This means that your 2-way component system will no longer need the passive crossovers, if you have the correct amp configuration. Posted by Jeff Roy at 3: Speaker level inputs able to accept watts of power. We will reply to your audioxontrol as soon as possible. Graphic Equalizer 5 Band.

More refinements More refinements The size of the speakers will affect the size of passive filter units. Guaranteed 3 day delivery. You will want to review the make, model, and model year of your vehicle. AccuBASS circuitry for improved bass response. White steel chassis with gold-plated RCA jacks. This type is used commonly in some models of coaxial speakers.

Otherwise listening to the blown driver would have driven me nuts! It is a digital electronic equalizer as well as electronic crossover. It is not a 2 channel EQ.

The channels will determine how many speakers the unit can be connected to. Made In the USA. Item Location see all.

AudioControl DQXS

That means you have two pairs of out for the front channels, one pair out for the rear, and one pair out for the sub. Buying Format see all. Line driver with adjustable output up to 9 volts.