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Ce qui fat baptise le Symbolisme.” M. Paul Wilily has written ” se resume fres’ simplement dans!’intention commune a plusieurs families de polies de. A few years ago I did find the Kendall Lapin translation of “Aurélia” and “Sylvie”; There’s a fair amount of Nerval that doesn’t exist in English: a. Aurelia is French poet and novelist Gerard de Nerval’s account of his descent into madness–a condition provoked in part by his unrequited passion for an.

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All of a sudden a wondrous harmony echoed through our solitudes, and it seemed as if airelia the shrieks and roars and hissings of these elemental creatures were now joining in this divine chorus. During this descent he is beseiged with visions, both waking and sleeping, of universal love and unity and universal desolation.

Nerval — Aurelia

Despite its many flaws, the translation had many merits, and it did a great deal to establish his poetic reputation. An “almost pathological sense that reality is not stable,” says my boy Warwick, and do I love that stuff? Schlegel’s Arabesque in Nerval. One of the original self-styled -bohemians, – Nerval was best known in his own day for parading a lobster on a pale blue ribbon through the gardens of the Palais-Royal, and was posthumously notorious for his suicide inhanging from an apron string he called the garter of the Queen of Sheba.

Abovian Alencar Alfieri Andersen A. His last years were spent in dire financial and emotional straits. Lists with This Book.


Back in Engglish inhe began to publish articles about his trip in Open Preview See a Problem? At age 19, with minimal knowledge of the German language, he began the ambitious task of translating Goethe ‘s Faust.

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They blend that perfect conjunction of the conscious and unconscious that the Surrealists praised as ‘Le merveilleux’. The composer Hector Berlioz relied on Nerval’s translation of Faust for his work La damnation de Faustwhich premiered in Sometimes he calls himself ill, sometimes he rejects that diagnosis in favor of a mystical discovery of the universe.

As far as I could tell, the protagonist of the main story broke up with his girlfriend, lost his mind, and traveled back to the genesis of time to re-live the history of the world, including witnessing rival Elohim battling on mountaintops, dinosaur-like beasts plodding across the landscape and passing through doors that open into hallways that open into doors that open into other hallways.

Lyrics are known to be mainly written by Vivian Stanshall after reading Nerval’s biography.

Nerval — Aurelia | Exact Change

He took a job at a notary’s office, but his heart was set on literature. Quand la folie parle: On Psychological and Visionary Art: Oct 05, Alex marked it as to-read.

Getting his start in journalism, he traveled to Belgium with Gautier from Nercal to September. I strongly caution anyone who treasures the precious little time they have on this beautiful, big, blue planet not to squander it reading the work of Gerard Labrunie inspired to use the name Nerval in homage to the estate of a wealthy ancestor.

In May of that year, he created Le Monde Dramatique, a luxurious literary journal that made him squander his inheritance. View all 17 comments.


The ravings of a madman? Geoffrey Wagner’s translation of Aurelia was first published by Grove Press inbut has remained out of print for nearly 20 years.

Retrieved 1 September There are other stories, poems, and documents in this fantastic collection that I’m not reviewing, all of which are great or at least well worth reading esp.

This hallucinatory document of dreams, obsession and insanity has fascinated artists such as Joseph Cornell, who cited passages from it to explain his own work; Antonin Artaud, who saw his own madness mirrored by Nerval’s; and Andre Breton, who placed Nerval in the highest echelon of Surrealist heroes.

These stories encapsulate a deep and passionate longing for idolized woman, esoteric deism, and autobiographical traveling. After a second nervous breakdown, Nerval was housed in Docteur Esprit Blanche’s clinic in Montmartre, where he remained from March to November.

Umberto Eco in his Six Walks in the Fictional Woods calls Nerval’s Sylvie a “masterpiece” and analysed it to demonstrate the use of temporal ambiguity. Nov 27, Quinn Slobodian egnlish it it was ok Shelves: The poet Charles Baudelaire observed that Nerval had “delivered his soul in the darkest street that he could find. The title story is actually less fully dream-like than expected, but actually more a personal account of ones own descent into and intermittent recovery from insanity.