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In the delivery of the card a pair of disc rollers scan the cross-section of the carded sliver as it emerges. These readings are compared electronically with the . Need of Autoleveller in. carding machine •Careful control of sliver uniformity is necessary in the spinning process. •So, continuous checking of sliver weight. Keywords: Autoleveller, Cotton yarn, Count variation, Draw frame. 1 Introduction able yarn count CV has been assessed for carded counts. The effect of single.

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Omar Faruk see all. The pulses derived in this way are processed electronically so that the speed of the in feed roller can be adapted to the delivered sliver weight via mechanical or electronic regulating devices. Dust extraction systems in Carding Developments in licker-in section of Carding Machi Doffing System in carding machine How it works? How Laps formed in Blowroom? The measuring device is built into the protective cover above the doffer.

This is the most commonly used principle of card auto leveling and serves to keep the sliver count constant.

Sliver variation cause the tongue upper roll to rise or fall. Sliver break stop motion: Autoleveller is a device which is present on Carding as well as Drawframe machine to correct the variation in linear density weight per unit length of delivered sliver.

The distance between centre of two rollers varies with the fluctuating sliver thickness. During the entry of abonormal thickness of lap or metal pieces under the feed roll, the knob raises.


Spinning mills are therefore forced to use auto leveling equipment under highly varying circumstances. To stop the doffer when sliver is missing or sliver is too thin or too thick or when the autoleveler choking on coiler calender Roller.

Prom this measured value a set point speed is derived for the variable speed motor which drive the draft roll.

This system reduce long-term and short term variation. When the knob raises by 1 mm the limit switch will act in such a way that the machine stop, and the white lamp burns, giving a signal to the operators.

On the other hand, closed-loop control is not suited for regulating short-wave i because of the dead time inherent in the system. There are following advantages offered by an autoleveller system: However, the filling level is not used for regulating the feed rollers in the chute but is considered as an additional control parameter.

Autoleveller in Carding | Autoleveller in Drawframe

Latest posts by Md. Thread Numbering System March 14, Md. In the delivery autolevellee the card a pair of disc rollers scans the cross-section of the carded sliver as it emerges.

The optical feeler is so arranged that the running sliver interrupts the beam of light and if the sliver breaks. Sliver passes between front draft controlling roller first, then passes between tongue and groove roller.

But the modern carding machines have sensing at the feed rollers as well as at the delivery calender rollers. Auto Leveling in Autolevepler If the actual speed differs from the set point, the variable speed motor is de-accelerated or accelerated untill the two speeds coinside i.


Closed loop autolevellers are mainly used on carding machine. After comparison with the set value, a difference signal is generated and passed to an electronic regulating unit. Lap length measuring motion in Blowroom How it w What are the Special features of modern auholeveller in Of the two sensing roller, one is movable under spring pressure. The main regulating careing is the feed; adjusting the feed roller speed, usually performs auto leveling.

Ginning — Different Types Of Ginning machine. Defects in Blow room and causes. A photo cell monitors the sliver between the calender rollers and the coiler.

Auto leveler (autoleveller) in carding | How it works?

Based on high spinning draft, even short term sliver irregularity leads to quite distinct count variation in yarn. Articles Tandem carding How it works? Coiler hood stop motion: The out put shaft of the same drive the front draft controlling roller, calender roller, and autolevelller roller at variable speed so as to adjust the draft in accordance with the sliver thickness measurement.

Powered by Facebook Comments. Ahtoleveller Cleaner -Universal opening and cleaning machi Frictional Properties March 14, Md.