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Bacterial disease resistance in Arabidopsis through flagellin perception. Article ( PDF Available) in Nature () · May with. Bacterial disease resistance in Arabidopsis through flagellin perception. PUBLISHED: Apr CITE AS: Nature. Apr 15; () In Arabidopsis thaliana, the receptor kinase flagellin sensing 2 (FLS2) confers recognition of bacterial flagellin (flg22) and activates a manifold defense response. In plants that are resistant to these successful pathogens, plant PAMP perception system, whose components are often shared across.

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Recombination breakpoints, that is, contiguous SNPs for which the four gametic types were observed, were identified using DNAsp Rozas et al.

Bacterial disease resistance in Arabidopsis through flagellin perception. – FPrime

This induced resistance seems to be independent of salicylic acid, jasmonic acid and ethylene signalling. Indeed, QTL mapping revealed that variation in flginduced seedling growth inhibition colocalized with the FLS2 locus.

This induced resistance seems to be independent of salicylic acid, jasmonic acid and ethylene signalling. Novel exchangeable effector loci associated with the Pseudomonas syringae hrp pathogenicity island: Our study revealed a strong reduction of flgbinding affinity in the genotype Stor, which can be attributed to a point mutation in FLS2 that is located outside the previously predicted flgbinding site Dunning et al.

Register Already registered with FPrime? However, our study also shows that evolution at the receptor locus alone does not explain the evolution of flagellin perception; instead, components common to pathways downstream of PAMP perception likely contribute to the observed quantitative variation. By clicking “I accept the Terms and Conditions relating to Materials” before you submit your first Material as hereinafter defined you agree to be bound by these conditions every time you submit Material.

Although the corresponding flg22 peptide of the Pto DC strain differs from the peptide used in the assay of flg22 binding by four amino acid residues in the N-terminal part, it still elicits a strong FLS2-mediated defense response Felix et al.

In the future, identifying the evolutionary forces driving variation in plant flagellin perception promises to find resonance beyond the borders of plant science.

We selected seven genotypes representative of the breadth of flgbinding variation as well as the major FLS2 allelic lineages, see below. To defend themselves, plants employ two layers of active defense Jones and Dangl Pathogen infection often imposes severe selection pressure for plant resistance by reducing plant growth and yield. These responses are manifold and include the production of reactive oxygen species, the deposition of callose, the upregulation of defense genes, as well as the inhibition of seedling growth Boller and Felix Indeed, if a molecular novelty rises in frequency as a result of consistent selection on the phenotype it alters, we should observe a marked molecular difference between species and no remaining phenotypic variation within species.


Error bars in y direction represent three technical replicates of two independent pools of 12 plants. Since fresh weight of individual genotypes presented a relatively low heritability, the QTLs at the FLS2 locus explain a nonnegligible part of the genetic variation segregating between parental strains.

These data, however, also indicate that plant resistance against pathogenic bacteria depends on components other than FLS2 quantitative variation because some genotypes with elevated flg22 binding did not show reduced bacterial proliferation.

Finally, our study reveals striking similarities in the evolution of flagellin perception in plants and animals. However, the importance of flagellin perception for disease resistance has, until now, not been demonstrated. F reserves the right to remove any comments that it considers in its absolute discretion to be inappropriate, offensive or otherwise in breach of the Terms and Conditions relating to Materials including Comments.

These include components pivotal for microbial life such as flagellin, a building block of the bacterial motility organ, the bacterial elongation factor Tu, or constituents of the microbial cell wall like fungal chitin.

This entry form currently does not support special characters. Variation in the repertoire of plant R genes is also remarkable; individuals within species generally display differences in their resistance profiles Laine et al.

Differences in FLS2 transcript abundance did not reflect variation in protein abundance, so it is not clear whether cis -regulatory differences underpin the QTL. However, plants are effectively protected against most microbes by generalist immunity components that detect conserved pathogen-associated molecular patterns PAMPs and control the onset of PAMP-triggered immunity.

Genome-wide association study of phenotypes in a common set of Arabidopsis thaliana inbred lines. Ideally, the genetics of flgbinding variation should be established by QTL mapping, but the flgbinding assay is not amenable for such large-scale experiments. Immunoblot analysis of whole arabidopsiis extracts was conducted to compare FLS2 protein abundance within groups of A.

The action of variants at genes unknown to be related to flg22 perception but mapping close to the FLS2 locus, cannot be excluded. Two distinct evolutionary dynamics can be envisaged for flg22 perception.

They show pervasive functional variation and have the potential to coevolve with pathogen populations. Abstract Much is known about the evolution of plant immunity components directed against specific pathogen strains: The change aeabidopsis affinity of perceptin Stor genotype, located in LRR17, therefore suggests further portions of the ectodomain are involved in flg22 binding, either directly or via alteration of the protein conformation.

We further compared the relationship between flg22 binding reported in figure 1 and flgelicited inhibition of seedling growth. Hay for contributing seeds, G. Here, we did not detect the action of local selection on FLS2 nucleotide diversity segregating within and among European populations.


Moreover, trade-offs between growth and development have gained attention. Observed expression levels of FLS2 were generally low and did not reflect variation in FLS2 cis -regulation or differences in protein abundance fig.

There is indeed tremendous diversity among pathogen strains in the effectors that they harbor Charity et al. Evidence for quantitative variation in the strain-specific R genes is nonetheless accumulating Parravicini et al.

For the association between FLS2 sequences and either flg22 binding or growth inhibition, we classified FLS2 sequences by phylogenetic clades, the data were log-transformed, and we used ANOVA to test for a clade effect.

Bacterial disease resistance in Arabidopsis through flagellin perception.

It is actually known that FLS2 is under the control of complex regulatory loops at both the transcript and protein level Robatzek et al. To control for variation of seedling size in control conditions, we calculated flginduced inhibition of seedling growth as the difference between average plant fresh weight in the absence versus presence of flg22 and standardized the difference by the average seedling fresh weight in the absence of flg22 see Materials and Methods.

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At the functional level, two alternative scenarios can be anticipated for the FLS2 locus, depending on the spectrum of microbial strains to be detected: