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For iframe elements in XML documents, the srcdoc attribute, if present, must have a value that matches the production labeled document in the. Dans votre application, utilisez une balise iframe> pour définir l’URL src. All data-param-* attributes will be added as query parameter to the YouTube iframe src. This may be used to pass custom values through to YouTube plugins, .

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Such images are more than mere decoration, they may augment the themes or subject matter of the page content and so still form part of the content. The usemap and ismap attributes can result in confusing behavior when used together with source elements with the media attribute specified in a picture element.

The event is not fired when the duration is reset as part of loading a new media resource. Apply baluse rules for parsing floating-point number values to the descriptor.

When the networking task source has queued the last task as part of fetching the media resource i. For the purpose of this step, “EOF” is a special character representing that position is past the end of input.

Paramètres du lecteur

The type attribute of the source element allows the user agent to avoid downloading baljse that use formats it cannot render. No events in particular, no removetrack events are fired as part of this; the error and emptied events, fired by the algorithms that bwlise this baliss, can be used instead. To make audio content accessible to the deaf or to those with other physical or cognitive disabilities, a variety of features are available. Failing to do this can allow a hostile user to perform a variety of attacks, ranging from the potentially benign, such as providing bogus user information like a negative age, to the serious, such as running scripts every time a user looks at a page that includes the information, potentially propagating the attack in the process, to the catastrophic, such as deleting all data in the server.


If the media resource is not known to be bounded e.

Paramètres du lecteur | YouTube API iFrame | Google Developers

Content may be provided inside the audio element. User agents do not need to blise autoplay, and it is suggested that user agents honor user preferences on the matter. If the media resource is a streaming resource, then the user agent might be unable to obtain certain parts of the resource after it has expired from its buffer. This will return either a year, a month, and a day, or nothing.

If year is not a number greater than zero, then fail. A media provider object is an object that can represent a media resourceseparate from a URL. If the collected sequence is not exactly two characters long, then fail. If the QName has a prefix, then there must be a namespace declaration for this prefix in the expression context, and the corresponding namespace URI is the one that is associated with this prefix.

Furthermore, due to the JavaScript memory model, there are situations which not only are un-representable via serialized script execution, but also un-representable via serialized statement execution among those scripts.

In iiframe other cases, such as explicit seeks, playback is not paused by going past the end time of a cueeven if that cue has its text track cue pause-on-exit flag set.

The contents of img elements, if any, are ignored for the purposes of rendering. This specification defines the URL about: The resource fetch algorithm for a media element and a given URL record or media provider object is as follows:.


Otherwise, the user agent should use the plugin that supports resource type and pass the content of the resource to that plugin. The defaultPlaybackRate attribute gives the desired speed at which the media resource is to play, as a multiple of bzlise intrinsic speed.

A node becomes browsing-context disconnected either when the removing steps are invoked with it as the argument and it is now no longer browsing-context connectedor when its shadow-including root no longer has a browsing context.

It must be admitted that many aspects of HTML appear at first glance to be nonsensical itrame inconsistent. A string is a valid yearless date string representing a month month and a day day if it consists of the following components in the given order:. The seekable attribute must return a new static normalized TimeRanges object that represents the ranges of the media resourceif any, that the user agent is able to seek to, at the time the attribute is evaluated.

Purely decorative images are visual balide, decorations or embellishments that provide no function or information beyond aesthetics to users who can view the images.

In many cases, the image is actually just supplementary, and its presence merely reinforces the surrounding text.

An image candidate string consists of the following components, in order, with the further restrictions described below this list:. The src attribute gives the address of a page that the nested browsing context is to contain. The term block-level is defined in the CSS Display specification.