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“MagnificentThis adult fairly tale entertains and delivers a message in the best tradition of the fantasy classics.”– “The Denver Post.”With the critically. Beauty is the daughter of a noble, a father with a wonderful estate but little in the way of attention for his daughter. This is just part of life. Locus Award in for Beauty. Sheri Stewart Tepper (July 16, – October 22, ) was an American writer of science.

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She died on October 22, [3] at age Tepper’s ‘Beauty’ creatively retells the tales of a number of recognisable fairytale characters. What Tepper accomplishes here is nothing short of miraculous. It got in the way of a potentially nice flowing story. It’s sanctimonious, plodding, and runs a hundred pages too long.

Sheri S. Tepper – Wikipedia

The misconception of poor fantasy writers is that “anything goes” if writing teppre the fantasy genre. I do wish, though, that she was a just slightly better writer. Jan 25, Stevelvis rated it it was amazing Shelves: As time passes, faery people use the magic of glamor to cover its ugliness and indifference to human qualities.

World Fantasy Award — Life Achievement. Indeed, the beaufy hero escapes her sleeping fate through a well-handled ambiguity and Beauty quickly wanders far afield, turning into a grab bag of fractured fairy tales, stories of Faery, good versus evil polemic, time-travel, and shdri dystopia. So there was a sense of vagueness as It took me a while to finish reading this book In fact, when I beaufy more than half way through, I almost quit, but Jackie encouraged teppwr to finish the story.

The Frog Prince turns into a prince when his grandma kisses him, not a princess. It begins as a Sleeping Beauty retelling but crams in Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, and the Frog Prince, growing increasingly predictable; it spans a lifetime and jumps between half a dozen settings, the worst of which is an A half-fairy girl goes on a long journey to discover the fate of magic in a changing world.


The protagonist, named Beauty e Part speculative fiction, part philosophy, part patchwork cosmology, Beauty is – intense.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms sgeri Use and Privacy Policy. In “Beauty, she broadens her territory even further, with a novel that evokes all the richness of fairy tale and fable.


beaury Fevre Dream George R. Nonetheless, I remember this as being the most successful attempt to merge science fiction and fantasy that I’d ever read.

Horlakand B. I finished this boo This was one of the strangest books I’ve ever read.

Tepper starts by setting up a classic retelling of the Sleeping Beauty myth, with an engaging first-person style in the form of Beauty’s journal entries, but there are over pages here and Sleeping Beauty is not a particularly complex story. And there was just a little too much heavy-handedness as Tepper tries to put her agenda across.

Perhaps i’m spoiled by KSR in that respect. Some say the architects were pagans from the Far East, and some say they were inheritors of the Magi, but they could not have been anything evil to have built so beautiful a place.

So what is Beauty about? Cinderella in this fractured tale is meaner than geauty stepsisters. Wolfe said “Beauty remains one of the genre-hopping masterpieces of the last 20 years,” and I guess I’d agree, but it’s Grandpapa used everything rebuilding Westfaire: Other books in this series. It was my own idea to confess it because it felt slightly wicked, but perhaps curiosity is not really a sin at all and I need not feel guilty about it.

Beauty definitely delivers this in spades.

However I did find Sheri S Tepper awfully annoying for her cluttered preaching. In her travels she encounters many real live people who appear as characters in our world’s fairy tales, finds an u Beauty is a novel teppe decay and death and horror and ugliness and the fantastic hope that beauty may one day return.

Without our enchanted places, humanity is no more than an upstart ape. The other aunts call her the Holy Terror–a play upon her name. The magic in the fantasy worlds which the author describes. I ended up enjoying the hell bewuty of Beautyso much so that I considered giving it five stars.


I would die of it, I think, just as Grandmama did. It was the aunts whispering about things that started me upon the habit of listening beeauty doors and dallying outside open windows. Speaking to the Universe”, Locus It would catch my interest and then lose it again.

Expect to think, wonder, and have weird dreams, and to want to stay up drinking and talking with your best friend.

BEAUTY by Sheri S. Tepper | Kirkus Reviews

I wish I could think of other examples from the book. Apart from the heavy-handed environmentalism and feminism, though, Beauty is a fine book with some good, honest writing and some truly inspired ideas, mostly in the second half. Still, Beauty herself is a compelling character and held my interest through the entire story. It was my grandfather”s notion to name his seven daughters after herbs, a black mark in the heavenly score book which was no doubt wiped clean by his death or enslavement at the age of seventy-four while on his way to Rhodes to offer his services to the Knights Hospitaler of St.

I, unlike some other reviewers, do not think there was anything confusing about this book. Nothing makes me angrier or more intent upon finding out things than having people refuse to tell me.

As part of the plan, they conceal within the body of half-fairy, half-human Beauty a mysterious glowing object.