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The construction of Treblinka death camp began after Belzec and Sobibor were already operational. The expertise gained in the building and in the killing. Under the code name Operation Reinhard, more than one and a half million Jews The construction of Treblinka death camp began after Belzec and Sobibor. Mr. Arad reports as a controlled and effective witness for the prosecution. Mr. Arad’s book, with its abundance of horrifying detail, reminds us of how far we have.

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In reality the pipes conducted the poisonous gas into the chambers. The last part of the book illustrates the social activity amongst the prisoners mainly, those whose lives were temporarily spared because the possessed particular skills that Nazis found beneficial.

Subsequently, within the two weeks up to April 6,some 30, other Jews from the Lvov Bezirk arrived in Belzec. The interior walls of these huts were built such that we nailed the boards to them, filling in the empty space with sand. Only after a set of cars had been unloaded and sent back empty was another section of the transport driven into the camp. Camp I, in the northwest, was the reinhare and administrative sector; Camp II, in the eastern section, was the extermination sector.

Wirth came to Sobibor in order to follow the experiments.

Operation Reinhard – The Camps of Belzec, Sobibor & Treblinka

While the exterminations continued there on a smaller scale, and in September transports still arrived from the East, a start was made on the construction of munitions’ skbibor.

On occasion the doors were opened too early and the victims were still alive, so that the doors had to be closed again. But this did not solve the problem and at the end of August chaos still reigned in Treblinka.

At the iperation time, the old gas caps continued to function. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. You can’t imagine what we find every day — dollars, diamonds, gold.


Since the chambers were overcrowded and the victims held on to one another, they all stood upright and were like one single block of flesh.

The administration and reception sectors were near the railroad station, while the extermination sector was ill a distant part of the camp, even more isolated than in Belzec. It is hard to describe the condition of these people after the long journey in the indescribably overcrowded freight cars. A different prisoner commando, the “Ashes Gang,” had to sweep up the ashes, place the remaining bones on thin metal sheets, pound them with operatioh wooden dowels, and then shake them through a narrow-mesh metal sieve; whatever remained in the sieve was crushed once more.

Affiliate Program Join our affiliate program and earn commissions by linking to our titles on your site! On November 10,Kruger, the Supreme SS- and Police Chief of the General Government, decreed the places where the employed Jews and their families were to remain in the ghettoes camos camps. All the doors in this hut opened toward the outside.

However, he first sent him to Belzec to gain experience in operating a camp. When time permitted, the Jews were given numbers as receipts for the items handed over, so as to lull them into a sense of security that afterwards everything would be returned to them. I looked upon killing these people in that manner as a kindness and a release.

The Operation Reinhard Death Camps, Revised and Expanded Edition

Some of them assisted in operat- ing the gas chambers. This construction program was carried out in September under the supervision of SS-Unterscharfu’hrer Erwin Lambert, who had erected the new gas chambers in Treblinka, and SS-Scharfu”hrer Lorenz Hackenholt, who was in charge of the gas chambers in Belzec. Finally it was decided to pour the ash and bone fragments back into the empty ditches and to cover them with a thick layer of sand and garbage. The trench has been dl.

The Pre-Camp consisted of the entrance gate, the railroad ramp, and the living quarters of the SS-men, the Ukrainians, and their servants–in contrast to Belzec, here all the SS-men lived inside the camp.


Bełżec extermination camp

The train was brought into the camp by a specially selected and reliable team of railroad workers. Within four weeks, from March 17 to April 14, close to 30, of the 37, inhabitants of sobihor ghetto were deported to Belzec. Upon completion of the construction work, extermination tests were conducted in mid-April And yet–surprise, surprise–the Poles are the ones blamed for it.

Faith and Religion SS-Scharfu”hrer Heinrich Gley testified:. The new rooms were 2 m. Archived from the original on In October of the year three SS-men came to Belzec and demanded 20 men for the work from the municipal administrauon.

And the media will dutifully present it as fact. Bu”hler, remarked at the Wannsee Conference:. Construction of Sobibor 6.

Newly appointed Commandant Stangl therefore ordered the construction of a new building next to the old one. The train consisted of 60 closed freight cars fully loaded with people: Everything was arranged in such a way that the victims should remain unaware of their impending doom.

The Jewesses had to undress on a covered piece of wooded ground near the gas chamber and were driven into the gas chamber by After Stangl assumed his post, the construction of the camp was accelerated. After 28 minutes, only a few were still alive. The above figure was stated in his Gerstein Report at face value.

It was one of my duties to supervise here. The Jews in question were taken to the gate by the Jewish work commando and from there conveyed to the ditch by other working Jews. The Operation Reinhard Death Camps. The Annihilation of the Jews in the General Government pp. The car was full of corpses. At the time Auschwitz-Birkenau increased its extermination capacity, taking in Jewish transports from the various countries of occupied Europe.