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Treatise on Instrumentation (Dover Books on Music) [Hector Berlioz, Richard Strauss] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The most influential. Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : Hector ioned. Berlioz was one of the first composers to deal greatly with orchestration. In this treatise he talks about what the different sounds that instruments make (tone.

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The composer beflioz be sure that they will not run out of breath. But when eight, ten, twelve or more drums play rhythmic accompaniments or crescendo rolls in a military march, they can provide magnificent and powerful support for wind instruments.

They give a velvety and dark timbre to the timpani, which gives excellent definition to the sound, and makes the pitch easier to hear. Retrieved from ” https: It should be noted that in this example and in many other passages Beethoven has given to the basses low notes which they cannot play, and this suggests that the orchestra for which he wrote included double basses which could reach down to C an octave below the low C of the cellos, which are no longer found today.

From some points of view the former are, generally speaking, inferior to the latter. From a poetical point of view, this art is as little susceptible of being taught as that of inventing beautiful melodies, fine successions of chords or rhythmic forms that have originality and power.

The sounds of the oboe are suitable for expressing simplicity, artless grace, gentle happiness, or the grief of a weak soul. It is quite certain that the special effects obtained by this new type of orchestra could not possibly be achieved with any other forces.

Its task is therefore not to reinforce the double-basses, with which its timbre does not blend in any way. It may be possible to combine the organ with the different elements that build up the orchestra, and this has been done several times. It should however be mentioned that M. Berlioz was also known as a great conductor in his time, in addition to a composer. That is why Rossini made use of a little bell in G to accompany a graceful chorus from the second Act of William Tellthe refrain of which is “voici la nuit”.


On the contrary, by being relegated to the central and lowest point of the hall, in front of the footlights and on a horizontal plane, the players are deprived of most of the advantages that derive from the layout I have described for concert orchestras.

Beethoven used it in the finale of his C minor symphony and in that of the Choral Symphony. When mingled in a forte with strident chords of brass instruments trumpets and trombones its vibrations have an awe-inspiring quality. The effect is novel and arresting. On another occasion, to obtain a deep roll in a symphony which would be much lower in pitch than the lowest notes of the timpani, I did this by using two players on a single bass drum that was stood upright like a drum.

As with the bass drum, cymbals, timpani, trombones, and all instruments that have a thunderous, explosive or reverberating sound, the triangle is nowadays deplorably misused. To accompany these vocal rehearsals use will be made either of an organ, or of a piano assisted with a few stringed instruments, violins and basses.

Treatise on Instrumentation – Wikipedia

But to try to go beyond this would be to trespass on the territory of inspiration, where only genius is capable of making discoveries, because genius alone is able to range over it. Common terms and phrases Actual pitch Allegro berioz trombone Andante aria arpeggios bass clarinet bass drum bass trombone bass tuba Bassi bassoon Beethoven Berlioz better bugle character Chor chords chorus chromatic intervals combined composer Cornet cresc difficult double double-basses effect employed English horn Example executed fifth finger flute four fourth string G-clef Gluck hand harmonics harp high tones Horn in F Hrnr impossible impracticable Including the chromatic instru kettledrums keys Klar Klar.

No eBook available Amazon.

The most influential work of its kind ever written, appraising the musical qualities and potential berloiz over 60 commonly used stringed, wind and percussion instruments. In such a case when the violins are playing in unison the composer may want to increase their power even further, and has them doubled by the violas playing an octave below them.


Account Options Sign in. In his score the composer must therefore indicate the layout that he thinks is appropriate. In the overture to Oberon Weber with rare felicity makes the cellos sing in their upper register, while two clarinets in A playing in unison sound their lower notes underneath. In particular it would have an incalculable melodic, expressive and rhythmic power, a penetrating force like no other, a prodigious sensitivity in all nuances whether in ensemble or in detail.

Treatise On Instrumentation

Many composers studied the work closely, such as MussorgskyMahlerR. The lower notes of the oboe, which sound ugly tretaise exposed, may be suitable in certain harmonies of an eerie and sorrowful character, when played together with the lower notes of clarinets and the low D, E, F and G of the flutes and the cor anglais.

Its lower notes provide excellent basses for the whole woodwind section. This applies to trombones, ophicleides, double-bassoons, and in many cases to trumpets and cornets. Back to Home Page.

They have probably all admired the wonderful effect produced in the great E flat concerto sc. Instrumeentation plucked strings is also widely used with bowed instruments. Its tone is less penetrating, more veiled and deeper than that of the oboe, and is therefore not suitable for expressing the gaiety of rustic tunes.

Meyerbeer is the first to have introduced this sound into the opera house. No one in my view has made a more dramatic use of instrumetnation special sound of the trombones than Spontini in the incomparable funeral march of La Vestale: SopranoAltoTenorBass etc. Hence the following classification of the means currently available to him:.

All rights of publication or reproduction of this material in any form, including Web page use, are reserved. Its sonority is not very powerful, and its timbre, totally devoid of brightness or nobility, has a propensity towards the grotesque, which must always be kept treatjse mind when it is given a prominent part.