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Bernard Tschumi, an Architect from a French-Swiss parentage, suggests that Architecture is constantly altered by the considerable events that. Bernard Tschumi’s The Manhattan Transcripts are a collection of architectural drawings that do not act as a completed proposal. They hang. The Manhattan Transcripts are theoretical propositions executed through drawing. Made between and for consecutive exhibitions, the four episodes.

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He then uses the square as a unit tachumi event, a frame of experience, subverting this highly architectural symbol for the purpose of his theory. He focuses on using different mediums that portray different events and functions of a space, assessing unconventional strategies that occur in-between the standard conclusions of architectural survey.

“The Set and the Script” in Architecture: The Manhattan Transcripts (1976-1981) by Bernard Tschumi

The dominant theme of The Transcripts is a transcipts of disjunctions among use, form, and social values; the non-coincidence between meaning and being, movement and space, man and object was the starting condition of the work. Needing to go tchumi methods usually used by architects plans, sections, elevations, etc Tschumi complements his work with photographs, schemes and bernarc combining axonometric projections, drawings, cut out photographs.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. The event, in particular, is the figurative origin of architecture itself, through which Tschumi proposes an architecture of difference and opposition rather than transcriptz and totality. Using film techniques such as the jump cut and the tracking shot to go beyond architectural conventions of representation, Tschumi proposes an architecture of difference and opposition rather than of synthesis and totality.


He acknowledges the square as healthy, conformist and predictable, regular and comforting, correct. Architecture and Design Drawings: Each of these fields correlates to a graphic device employed, in varying degrees of collapse, in the work’s four episodes: Especially in the last two transcripts, volumes are the main protagonists of the city-saga. While the program s used for The Manhattan Transcripts are of the most extreme nature, they also parallel the most common formula plot: The paradox is that architecture is at the same time both pyramid and labyrinth.

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However precise and generative they may have been, each implies a logical reduction of architectural thought to what can be shown. They are examined through the prism of other volumes, recombined and recomposed.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Architecture is not transcriptts about space and form, but also about eventaction, and what happens in space. More information is also available about the film collection and the Circulating Film and Video Library. Architecture is not simply about space and form, but also about eventaction, and what happens in space.

The Museum of Modern Art,p. This record is a work in progress.

Yet the inevitable confrontation of these terms produced effects of far-ranging consequence. Manhattan is a real place; the actions described are real actions. Architecture activates space through the movement of bodies. How can space carve movement, in turn? Developed in the late ’70s, they proposed to transcribe an architectural interpretation of reality.


I found most intrigue in exploring existent movement and events in order to understand a physical engagement with spaces, and the unconsidered uses of them. Tschumi is searching for an ideal architectural process, a process of design that is determined purely by design decisions. Installation views We used machine learning to identify this work in photos from our exhibition history. For him, the Manhattan Transcripts are a device for analysing the city.

REVIEW: Bernard Tschumi; The Manhattan Transcripts – The [Advanced] Landscape

For licensing motion picture film footage it is advised bernagd apply directly to the copyright holders. His focus on activities that are unnecessary luxury, wars, games, art, erotics is part of the attempt to overcome the paradox of architecture identified with the dualism of the pyramid and the labyrinth Hollier, Supported by a grant from FCT.

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Selena Savic researcher, architect,theorist of infrastructures, designer of interactive objects. Learn how your comment data is processed. Square almost stands for an equal of normality.