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Biofísica y fisiología celular by José López Barneo, , López Barneo, By (author) Rodolfo Llinas, By (author) Ramón Latorre. BIOFISICA Y FISIOLOGIA CELULAR. by LATORRE, RAMON and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at AbeBooks. Biofísica y fisiología celular by Ramón Latorre; Rodolfo Llinás; José López Barneo at – ISBN – ISBN

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SiO2 multilayered structures fabricated by electric bean evaporation.

Biofísica y fisiología celular – Google Books

Laser-induced forward transfer for printed electronics applications. Investigating the electro-optical properties of non-stoichiometric silicon nitride thin films for photovoltaic applications. PPRHs as gene silencing tools: Stability Study of oral omeprazole suspensions for pediatrics. DES stability in the electrodeposition of inert metals. Optical particle detection in liquid suspensions with a hybrid integrated microsystem.

Single and bilayer Graphene on copper substrates by Chemical Vapor Deposition. Workshop on Materials Deformation: Ag conductive ink printing through LIFT technique.

A new step for the design of luminescent antitumoral agents.


Evaluation of epigallocatechin gallate loaded cationic lipid nanoparticles in the antioxidant mechanism of diabetic retinopathy. Effects of intermittent hypoxia on cyclooxygenase-2 gene expression by macrophages in a novel in vitro model of obstructive sleep apnea.

Micromechanic and magnetic properties dependance of ferrite composition. On the use of Sb to improve the performance of GaInP subcells of multijunction solar cells. From fungal to bacterial oxyanion hole and vice versa.

Miguel Hernández University

Interfacing functional nano objects. Study of human skin biomechanical properties after topical application of an antifungal nanostructured emulsion.

Application for fast on-line process monitoring. Dimer-like Au-Ag3AuSe2 hybrid biofiica for thermoelectric applications.

Phospholipid synthesis participates in the regulation of diacylglycerol required for membrane trafficking at the Golgi complex.

Materials Research Society Fall Meeting American Society for Nutrition. International Doctoral Forum of Electronic Science and technology. Enhanced single-photon avalanche diode arrays with latirre gated operation.

Biofísica y fisiología celular

Alternative oils tested a feedstocks for enzymatic FAMEs synthesis: Optimizing the electrochemical performance of nanostructured ITO electrodes. Large area of self-assembled colloidal crystals. Material based-design for high temperature sensible heat storage using solid particle materials.


Loading of epigallocatechin gallate EGCG in innovative cationic lipid nanoparticles for ocular administration. Mesoporous nanowires as carriers for drug delivery. Oxygen deficiency and strain: Multifunctional binary and complex oxides films and nanostructures for microelectronic applications OralMay, Strasbourg, France. Effect of intravenous pure naringenin and naringenin chalcone on IgE mediated allergic reactions in mice. Structural and electrical characterization of SiAlON memristors: The 67th annual meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry.

Thermodynamics of Multicaloric Effects in Multiferroics. Photoluminescence emission in transparent ZnO: Optimization of NLC formulations for transdermal delivery of forskolin. Functionalized molecule-based magnetic materials Workshop. Cooperative rearranging regions in water at biological latirre inorganic interfaces.

Usage of repair-polypurine reverse Hoogsteen hairpins as a tool to correct point mutations at the endogenous locus in mammalian cells.