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The Brewers Association’ beer style guidelines reflect, as much as possible, historical significance, authenticity or a high profile in the current. Now you have a full copy of the BJCP Style Guidelines at your finger tips! Whether you’re a beer judge, a homebrewer, or an enthusiast, this free app will come. While pondering entering an NEIPA into a competition, I wondered when there may be a new edition of the BJCP style guidelines released as.

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Know the differences between similar or closely related styles. Keep a copy of the scoresheet in your pocket or on your phone, so you can informally judge a beer whenever the mood hits. Practice time management in a test setting, that is where I really lost points.

I only had a couple questions that weren’t answered in it. You must log in or sign up to guidelknes here. Archived guidelinez the original on February 26, There is also supposed to be at least one beer with a flaw or even multiple flaws.

You can now view both the and BJCP styles and switch between them! The only time I really ever have bad beer is at competitions and random start up breweries.

This article may contain excessive or inappropriate references to self-published guiselines. I lucked out and got 4 out of 5 styles I was more familiar with and still barely got over certified level on my first test.

Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP)

Hope your test organizer and proctors aren’t dicks Good luck. If they don’t have enough judges, almost anyone could find themself sitting in the judge’s chair.

If you feel confident about 3 or 4 of the beers you should be pretty safe. Retrieved September 25, Fixed two bugs that were introduced in 1. I didn’t study at all for the last tasting exam, and my score suffered because of it. For judging, know your flavors, make sure you do an off flavors study, even if it is simply using the household doctoring kit in the Study Guide.


After stewarding my first comp, and having entered beers into several comps, I am looking at BJCP certification. It is much more difficult.

I would recommend taking a chance and passing the online exam as soon as you can. Log in or Sign up. I just finished doing my ASE tests and reached master tech, so taking the test itself is not going to be an issue. I know that the BJCP says wait until you have a spot in the tasting exam to pass the online test, but I disagree. Guiidelines will mentor you as you go, and you can calibrate ztyle palette and scoring as you get feedback from them. Jun 2, 60, 12, February Learn how and when to remove this template message.

We trained by writing scoresheets in 12 minutes which was really helpful on the actual exam where you get 15 minutes. This section may contain excessive or inappropriate references to self-published sources.

Beer organisations Alcohol in the United States Homebrewing.

BJCP Style Guidelines – Index

May 1, 1, East of Filthadelphia, south of Nyack. Help Support Homebrew Talk by donating: I thought I knew brewing, water, malt, mashing, etc, fairly well until I reviewed that and still picked up new information, and that new info happened to be the questions asked in my test.

August Learn how and when to remove this template message. Not sure if these study aids are up to date last one is frombut here you go Removed automatic update check feature. Lukass Savant Dec 16, Ohio. I saw tha one of our proctors put a request to the Club out for beersincluding ones with flaws.


The Study Guide is fairly indepth and dtyle a lot of the info you will need to do well. Dec 22, Dallas. I may even grab some coors lite, coors banquet, and extra gold to be fair.

Posted Feb 11, For the judging exam, guideliines you don’t know what you will get with the exception of a few exclusions so you really have to have a pretty good idea of what each style is about. Drink a lot of beer, study hard, fill out lots of scoresheets You will also want to know the styles well as it is rumored that they like to throw at least one of the beers in there labeled incorrectly, ie, a Belgian Pale as an English or American Pale, or a S English Brown as a Robust Porter.

I’ve taken the tasting exam twice – got Certified the first time and the second test will be in limbo for probably 6 months I would suggest an off flavors kit if you know a BJCP judge who can guideliness it for cheap. You might think that having background info on bjxp organization isn’t that important, but it can be.

BJCP test pointers.

Definitely worth a watch. This app is only available on the Shyle Store for iOS devices. You’ve gotta be crazy obsessed! Do you already have an account? Languages English, Portuguese, Spanish. The BJCP tracks members’ participation as judges, organizers, or stewards in BJCP-sanctioned brewing competitions and awards continuing education units for participation.

Very similar to what you’d have to go through to become a BJCP.