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endorsed by Games Workshop, Black Library and/or Fantasy Flight Games. As a fan-made . living in the latter half of M41 in the Calixis sector. A native of .. distant, lightly populated, and lacking in important industries. The sub is big on faith. Following Games Workshop’s closure of the Black Industries imprint, and compiled it into a PDF titled “The Calixis Sector Encyclopedia”. Black Industries regret to announce that Dark Heresy: Disciples of the Dark Gods 31 Mar , and The Inquisitor’s Handbook (optional supplementary rules). .. The Calixis Sector is very deliberately a region riddled with.

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No one has the power to gainsay the word of the Inquisition. The officers of the Misericord form their own caste and wear distinctive and rather sinister masks to mark them out from the rest of the crew.

Guide to the Calixis Sector – Dark Heresy – FFG Community

Their duties include maintaining the Sororitas honour guard at the Cathedral of Illumination on Scintilla and guarding important Ecclesiarchy Adepts who visit the Calixis Sector.

I supported becauseā€¦ “I support the Geek because of all the great friends I’ve made seector. From Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum. Near the Adrantis Nebula. It is such a common weapon that any self-respecting ganger will try to upgrade his Scalptaker, even though it is a very easily maintained weapon designed to survive the rigours of the Infernis.

Fenksworld is a small, grimy Hive World to the coreward of the sector and the location of a substation depot of the Battlefleet Calixis. The Imperial settlers, mainly frontier farmers, wage a constant war with them. The noble houses quarrel constantly over what orders to give to the guild, but they are also well-aware that they should not bully or otherwise cross the Guild Peripatetica lest the engineers point them towards a crevasse or other dangerous obstacle and sfctor the citadel to ransom.

Posted August 10, While Sepheris Secundus has some generally observed laws — a serf who strikes his master will usually be put to death, for example — each baron enforces his own laws in guidd own way, and some do not bother at all sectlr long as there is no open rebellion. However, given the potential membership of the cult, and the wealth, resource and influence that implies, if the order ever did decide to become more proactive, it would be the insustries and most insidious cult in the Segmentum Obscurus.


Dark Heresy

Thrones can also be dispersed in electronic form as payment. The Misericord carries huge quantities of trade goods between the client worlds, along with many passengers. However, since inxustries castes are not permitted to interbreed, the ship needs new crew members from outside to replenish the gene pool.

Support comes in many forms: Some become calixia enemies and no two have exactly the same agenda. Some dominate whole worlds and some harbour ambitions that will one day pit them against the Adepta of the Imperium. Clusters of hovels blister down from the city-machine like warts, connected by makeshift catwalks blacck rope bridges. It satisfies itself in commanding the Malfian Sub-sector, ruling the territories rimward and spinward of Scintilla.

Grangold is a Dead World on which stands — or, sevtor appropriately, survives — a single temple to Saint Drusus, despite the ferocious elemental squall. Jonathan rated it it was amazing Jan 17, As far as he is concerned, the Magistratum are part of the problem and he actively despises them. At such times, industry goes into frantic production, as the commingled gravitational urges of the passing planetoids allow for the specialist smelting of rare metals and alloys.

Expect great works of ability and eector. It is rumoured that fabulous STC finds are hidden on Klybo, remnants of the colonial attempts to settle the world.

Calixis Sector | Warhammer 40k | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Most estates conceal a high-security gallery or museum, which sometimes holds extremely valuable and illegal items, like xenos artefacts or even dangerous proscribed texts. Its surface is split between the vast open mines like deep scars in the crust and the dense, snow-laden forests broken only by the ruins of failed kingdoms that tried to claim Sepheris Secundus in the past. The middle level of the city is dominated by immense foundries powered by the geothermal heat from the heart of Mount Thollos.


Of all the main population centres on Scintilla, Gunmetal City is the most dangerous and lawless. Sometimes the teaching of the Imperial Creed can drift away from the Ecclesiarchical line. In the middle spires, they are concerned mainly with serious or violent crime, unable and unwilling to deal with other common crimes.

Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay: The Inquisitor’s Handbook: A Player’s Guide to Dark Heresy

Shots ring around the foundries of the middle city incessantly and the nobles often hire prestigious gunslingers to battle in elaborate arenas while the audience watches from behind bulletproof screens. All have the potential to harbour miscreants, Heretics and other, darker forces. Key ceremonial decisions, like a course change, are considered especially interesting by members of the crew, and those lucky enough to have their number drawn on a day when such an event is to occur will often sell their ticket to the highest bidder.

The planet is especially famed for its porcelain, glass and fish products. Anthony rated it really liked it Jan 27, The visitation is accompanied by psychic disturbance, geological upheaval and sociological problems, including mass rioting and unrest. This enigmatic threat, the Hereticus Tenebrae, or the Tyrant Star as it is known, is something the forces of the Inquisition most fervently wish to uncover, to comprehend and to destroy, before it is too late for the people of the Calixis Sector–and perhaps all of Mankind.

Ambulon folklore maintains that some dangled prisoners have survived for months hanging below the city, thanks to divine intervention from the Emperor, and were released when the cage was brought back up again to live saintly lives.