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Block Periodization has 22 ratings and 2 reviews. Aaron said: The theory in this book is meant for athletes training at an elite level. Most college aged. “Mixed training produces mixed results”. Stegeman, in endurance sports ( thousands km). Annual volumes of implement. Block Periodized Training. Block periodization: breakthrough in sports training / by Vladimir Issurin ; edited by Dr. Michael Yessis. Published: Michigan: Ultimate Athlete Concepts,

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About the Book Unfortunately there are not many strictly Weightlifting texts available to the consumer, athlete, or coach.

Ehindistan tralning it it was ok Aug 21, Danny Frail marked it as to-read Mar 10, Last Jump to page: Alexander Fomin rated it it was amazing Aug 31, My best lifter Mackenzie had a string of injuries one year of training, and it kept her lifting to a minimum.

Bllock Slining rated it really liked it Jun 15, The loading microcycle is further differentiated into adjustment, loading and impact based on loading level.

Block Periodization: Breakthrough in Sport Training

The assertion is that when you move from one block to the next, because the attributes trained in the previous block were so well developed, that they will remain at adequate levels even though they aren’t being trained in the subsequent block. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

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The most important breaktjrough from the book is that of the training residuals, or how often do you need to re-visit a trainable ability Speed, Aerobic Capacity, etc Now she’s cutting down to the 90kg class she was at her heaviest and she’s still hitting the same totals she was prior even though she’s about 6 kilos lighter.


At that time the traditional training periodization, as a division of the whole seasonal program into smaller periods and training units, was proposed and elucidated.

Block Periodization: Breakthrough in Sport Training – Complementary Training

Vince Brown marked it as to-read Nov 18, There is a presentation of so-called dual approach to giftedness, that differs between two factors: Ian added it Mar 28, I think he wrote an entire series, feel like he may have cited Issurin in them. Not likely, but you will be putting double the wear and tear on your body. Michael Lloyd-Billington rated it really liked it Feb 16, Vladimir Koprivica during my studies. Jessamyn rated it liked it Sep 19, HE completed his undergraduate studies in Sport Sciences and his PhD dissertation on aquatic motor fitness and movement technique of swimmers in the Leningrad Sport University Anyway, I hardly imagine that BP can be used in team sports with such a long competition period and short preparatory period, although there are some interesting concepts and ideas like mini-blocks, compatibility and sequencing of training modalities, designing of a microcycle that could also be use in more traditional or complex-parallel periodization.

New approach, or Block Periodization Concept BPC utilize concentrated workloads with sequential consecutive development of motor abilities with the aim of achieving multi-peaks during the year.

Alan Bullock marked it as to-read Jun 26, More sport-specific examples should have been introduced.

The common approach to long-term athletic preparation assumes there are four separate stages. Microcycles, mesocycles and training stages There is a differentiation between microcycles the shortest training cycles in three principle ways: This new approach has been implemented in various sports and has led to outstanding athletic achievements.

Certainly LSUS has definitive “blocks” that focus basically on different amounts of volume, but according to Issurin, true block periodization is a lot more structured and specific than just that. Johan Adrian garcia rated it it was amazing Aug 31, Published October 30th by Ultimate Athlete Concepts.


The book is certainly geared toward endurance sports, but it is chalk full of excellent graphs, tables, and other charts that get the mind stirring with ideas for training for Weightlifting. Of course I don’t carry as much clout online as those guys so I was pretty quickly dismissed.

The concept of key workout is also discussed and explained, along with workout structure warm-up, main part, cool-down and the concept of key exercise or key task. Timon marked it as fraining Jun 18, You ;eriodization already pushing at maximum effort, you have no where to go from there.

Alexander Shifman marked it as to-read Feb 07, Chad Hydro marked it as to-read Sep 07, There are exampes of 1 microcycle to develop aerobic strength-aerobic abilities, 2 microcycle of high intensity anaerobic workloads, 3 microcycle for explosive strength in highly coordinated exercises, 4 pre-competitive microcycle and 5 microcycle for sport-specific fitness maintenance in dual and team sports.

Yasha Kahn has written about this as well, taking time off. Kosta Novakovic rated it liked it Nov 17, A lot of the citations are from the 80s or 90s. Since professor Issurin has lived in Israel and works as a researcher in the Sports Science Department, is a professional consultant of the Israel Olympic National teams, and is a multi-champion of Israel Masters swimmiing.

The energy systems needed are straight forward, the muscle type needed is straight forward, and other attributes like proprioception, flexibility and agility are in a controlled environment so they’re rather static.