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Charlie Higson Young Bond collection 5 books set. (Blood Fever, Double or Die, Hurricane Gold, Silverfin, By Royal Command) [Charlie Higson] on. : The Young Bond Series, Book Two: Blood Fever (A James Bond Adventure, new cover) Charlie Higson Young Bond collection 5 books set. Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Grade –What began as schoolboy fun Blood Fever (Young Bond) – Kindle edition by Charlie Higson.

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The writing was also easy and descriptive, and the additional informations in the book were definitely helpful. Higson continues to amaze readers with this enjoyably fun and lively journey that will have readers begging for more! By Royal Command 6. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Blodfever members of an upper class whose time is up, he and Bond treat foreigners as objects of suspicion and disdain. From the moment he gloodfever I was interested in that kind of upperclass-gay-expats group that ended up in Tangiers a lot of them in North Africa and certainly around the Mediterranean.

As Bond and Amy wade to the surface, Amy suddenly steps on a sea urchin. Dr No, the descendant of Fu Manchu, is the epitome of evil. Open Preview See a Problem?

A few weeks later James goes on a school trip to Sardinia where he has a near death experience, he also things he recognizes one of the teachers on the trip as one of the men that were speaking Latin at the building at his school.

Blofeld is described simply as ‘the biggest crook in the world’. Pacyaction higsoj thrills. Dec 05, Neil rated it really liked it Shelves: The Young Bond Dossier Stirred into the prenuptial cocktail of Bond’s adventures as an bloosfever with licence to kill, the ingredients of espionage, global politics and sadomasochism achieve a kind of adult literary escapism that hison places it at the top of and, possibly, beyond its genre.

Bond is later rescued by Mauro’s sister, Vendetta, who kisses him consistently.

Blood Fever – Wikipedia

Refresh and try again. With the cash registers making merry mood music, Fleming’s estate must have charie tempted to let its goose go on laying golden eggs. Here, in a nice twist, Higson has brought Bond back to his artistic roots. Very well written, exciting and whips along at a cracking pace.


Sep 04, Alex rated it it was amazing. Things go bad, however, when Haight reveals himself to be a loyal servant of Carnifex and had earlier attempted to poison and kill James for charliie too many questions about the Millenaria.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Bond lives for a world of snobbery and violence that is, at the high end, fast, glamorous and expensive or, otherwise, sinister, spine-chilling and villainous.

The World Is Not Enough Higson th Higson was educated at Sevenoaks School and at the University of East Anglia where his brother has taught since and is now a professor of film studies where he met Paul Whitehouse, David Cummings and Terry Edwards.

Shoot to Kill Heads You Die James is with another enemy, his name is Count Ugo. The first volume, Silverfin, published inin which a year-old Bond overcomes killer eels in the Scottish fastness of an American megalomaniac, was a surprise hit, with bestseller sales surpassing the first Harry Potter and much movie talk.

Bond is also witness to a mysterious group whose followers are marked on both of their hands with an ‘M’ double Mwhich James eventually learns is the mark of the Millenaria, a defunct secret Italian society that has had plans throughout history to restore the Roman Empire.

Since James got back to school he joins the Danger Society, not an actual sanctioned club, just boys being boys. Another enjoyable Young Bond adventure that romps along but over did things with dragged out finale. One thing I disliked was the complex and sophisticated diction in the book. As time passes he becomes even more suspicious, thus initiating a thrilling story filled with adventure.

In these books, James Bond falls into many precarious situations, an the stories display his wit and determination in making it out of dangerous times alive. The plot keeps untying on its way to end and keeps you entertained all through.

I’ve got to hand it to Higson, the way he uses vocabulary and syntax to motivate the reader into wanting to never put the book down is unbelievable. Indeed, someone has calculated that half the world’s population has seen a James Bond film.

Blood Fever

Germans, black people, Jews, Russians, Japanese and, creepiest of all, Koreans: The two strands of the story join together when James realises that the kidnapped sister of his school friend is being held at an Italian counts fortress that James and his Uncle are visiting. Bond was his specialist subject on Celebrity Mastermind, and he seems to understand that the orphan Bond whose parents died in a climbing accident can be the father to the man, but only up to a point.


James learns that the Millennaria—a ruthless Roman society long thought to be extinguished—is still active. Heads You Die 8. I love the compelling lure that I have to this series and I already have ‘Double or Die’ waiting for me on my bookshelf, its staring at me now; coaxing me to read!

I could personally see what dove them to commit the actions they did over the course of the book. The book was rushed, and random events happened that did not relate to the story. He finds himself in an area he has never been in before, overhears two men speaking Latin and stumbles across a temple with the initials MM on a painting.

And, outside the bedroom, Bond is really motivated by a code of chivalry as timeless as the white cliffs of Dover. If you push yourself to read through the few boring parts of the book, then you will find out that the overall book is very interesting. Fleming liked to joke that he wrote it to take his mind off his forthcoming marriage to Ann Rothermere. They are obviously a gay couple, and why not? The first Bond, Casino Royale, published inis a wonderfully atmospheric adventure story in the tradition of John Buchan and Dornford Yates, with a beautiful Russian spy and memorable scenes of gambling and torture.

Just prior, Bond sneaks into the palace with the help of Vendetta, much to her dismay, to rescue Amy. In an interview with a Bond website, Higson confirmed that this was his intent: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not since Conan Doyle had a popular writer hit such a nerve, located, said Fleming, ‘somewhere between the solar plexus and the upper thigh’.