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In Mythago Wood, Robert Holdstock gave us an intricate world spun from the stories of Irish and English mythology Segundo libro de la serie Bosque Mitago. Mythago Wood is a fantasy novel by British writer Robert Holdstock, published in the United Kingdom in It won the World Fantasy Award for Best Novel in. Bosque Mitago by Robert Holdstock, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Bosque Mitago

When she was just an infant, she lost her brother Harry to Ryhope Wood. The ending was sad, happy, chilling, holddtock, wonderful, and inconclusive.

I am also not sure why these men are falling for Guiwenneth. Those who go after the mythagos into the wood are permanently affected. In a novel meant for adults, however, I would generally expect a somewhat more responsible, and conceivably effective mitafo at least proactiveresponse from her parents. I loved this setting and the characters, and Robedt hoping further reading will clear up my confusion.

And neither of her “loves” in sight. As I’ve been saying, this is one of those books that you will either love and make your friends doubt your taste, or vice versa. The Mythic Fantasy of Robert Holdstock: This is an extremely robdrt written book, very original, and extremely thought provoking.

She prophesies the results of her own actions. And everything is different. Go look at Jeffrey’s review.

So a fair amount of disappointment for me on this re-read, though I will readily admit that Holdstock still manages to work with his mythic material in an effective and fascinating way. Both had seen mythagos as children, but their father explained them away as travelling Gypsies. Be the first to review this item Would you like to tell us about a lower price? His science fiction and fantasy works explore philosophical, psychological, anthropological, spiritual, and woodland themes.


If you are a serious purveyor of literary fantasy, most probably this will thrill you. Classics of Science Fiction and Mihago Literature 1st ed.

Lavondyss (Mythago Wood, #2) by Robert Holdstock

Her arms and legs were thin, but the muscles were wiry; a fine blonde down covered her calves and I noticed that her knees were badly scarred.

Author Robert Holdstock has re-purposed these ancient popular tales into an entirely new and romantic myth with gorgeous poetic writing. If the very thought of Carl Gustav Jung is enough for you joldstock want to skip and click your heels together then this is the book for you. I only have so much appreciation for that, and MW did a much better job at it than the second novel. Robegt my review for Mythago Wood. The Mythagos, if destroyed, return later, alive and well.

I may not see eye to eye with my sisters all of the time, but the ties between us are strong–I just couldn’t find the rivalry of Chris and Steven to be believable. Lavondyss has everything I love in a book: I remember a long section of walking, an encounter or two, then the meeting of a mitagp shaman who explains all.

She renders her parents entirely useless, which would be a narrative flaw if this series of books weren’t so reliant on atmosphere.

Howev The style of writing is still excellent, but the plot was difficult to follow. I’m not even sure who this would really be for, as the people who enjoyed “Mythago Wood” for the plot might be turned off by how impenetrable this can be, and the people who thought the mythological stuff was just some pretentious fluff to liven up a walk through the woods are going to quail in horror at how deeply this rolls in that mud, and goes beyond.

Refresh and try again. The author is good at atmosphere and building a mood. Eos,page xxii-xxiii.


Mythago Wood

However, although this book seemed to border on nonsensical at times, it was a very well written nonsensical. Nov 28, Kate rated it liked it Shelves: I found this book to be more grim and it goes further than the first book in alot of things.

Supernatural Fiction Writers 2nd ed. It is, I have no doubt, one of the best fantasy novels ever written. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. And frankly, murder is often the easier option, since it’s one less mouth to feed or in some grim cases, an extra meal. So despite the fact that I am going to be talking about the Huxley family a lot in this review, because they are the designated heroes of this book, I think we all know that Harry is the understated, holfstock true hero of this bodque.

He expects to find his brother, Christian, who is recently married, happily luxuriating in domestic bliss. I see this series continues loosely on for several more volumes but I doubt I’ll be adventuring back into the Mythago Wood again unless perhaps I decide to revisit the first book one day to rediscover what I liked about that and see if it still holds.

Bosque Mitago : Robert Holdstock :

Holdstck these deep dark old places it is rumored beings which can only live in the most ancient impenetrable deep woods can yet be occasionally seen. Holdstock is brilliant at character development, and the ideas he works with are certainly interesting, though pretty familiar to anyone who has read much of the fantasy published since.

Feb 25, carol. Reminds me rather unfortunately of The Bridge Across Forever: