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American Psycho [Bret Easton Ellis] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The modern classic, the basis of a Broadway musical, and major . Bret Easton Ellis sits in a chair by a window, his feet perched in the American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis has said he will always be. The author’s novel is now a musical due to make its Broadway debut – prompting Ellis to muse about what the murderous banker would be up.

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At this point I’m sure it bores everyone to dredge up the whole misogyny question again, but it still puzzles me that smart people who must certainly know not to confuse the character’s perspective with the author’s continue to pull the concern-troll card here. Return to Book Page. I simply am not there. Look, if the contemporary condition is hopelessly shitty, insipid, materialistic, brer retarded, sadomasochistic, and stupid, then I or any writer can get away with slapping together stories with characters who are stupid, vapid, emotionally retarded, which is easy, because these sorts of characters require no development.

He actually uses the word “bad” to describe his actions exactly once; I think it must have been a proofreading error. I think it’s cute.

American Psycho

amdrikai I was so on the defensive because of the reaction to that book that I wasn’t able to talk about it on that level. Aug 29, GTF rated it it was amazing.

Yeah, I know, that sounds like a cutesy, gimmicky, too-clever setup for a novel, right? You can defend “Psycho” as being a sort of performative digest of late-eighties social problems, but it’s no more than that. Or maybe yeah, Bret Easton Ellis could be a raging misogynist, but that’s really not the point I took from the book.


Trivia About American Psycho. Check date values in: I can understand the objections others have raised and, unsurprisingly, I found the violent scenes intensely disturbing and difficult to read, and skimmed over the worst parts in the same way I’d squint at the screen during a particularly bloody film scene. To the reader, he is initially just another self-absorbed upper-class asshole who lives a very extravagant, promiscuous and drug-fueled lifestyle.

Blood Meridian Cormac McCarthy. I truly despise him. I can’t emphasize enough how monstrous Bateman’s behavior is. Despite a rapidly changing cultural landscape, American Psycho continues to be relevant—it was published by Vintage in e-book format and is being developed into a Broadway play.

Patrick Bateman, the eponymous psycho, narrates his reality with a vocabulary of repeating tropes: Sales were whatever they were, and then they dropped. Yet at the same time you have an urge to conform.

Bret Easton Ellis still stuck with American Psycho after 25 years | Books | The Guardian

It’s like pages of social satire and people eating in restaurants and the guy with the various women in his lives and whatever. You know, this book reveals how much of a different planet some people are on than the one I’m on. Patrick Bateman and his “friends” are a pack of egotistical and extremely self-centered pricks.

The murders and torture are brutal – consider this a warning!

Bret Easton Ellis still stuck with American Psycho after 25 years

This is a telling admission. He’s incredibly mocking and satirical, but ultimately he makes a serious statement. Essays on Postmodern Culture”. After the book was published, and people read it, the controversy stopped. Other observers raise questions of censorship”.

The fact that we are even talking about this book now is still surprising to me. The prose style is never better than competent.


I don’t know how to describe it Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but I would have thought aemrikai a disturbing book, movie, song or painting should at least be enjoyable on some level if it’s to gain its audience’s love, and if it can’t gain that love then it’s certainly not worthy of glowing reviews. American Psycho was probably the first novel about a metrosexual. I am not easily put off by goriness but a lot of pages of this book were difficult to read.

One to give me a book hangover. It affected me quite strongly, which bespeaks the power of this narrative. So, am I still wondering why this ameri,ai Aug 15, Emily May rated it it was ok Shelves: Torture of the characters, torture of the reader, and Ellis himself described writing it as a kind of torture too.

It’s the s and the rich keep on getting richer and the poor keep on getting poorer. View all 6 comments. American Psycho is an energetic, transgressive piece of brutal art.

And of course that’s now everywhere. Ellis has offered his own take on what the serial killer might be doing now.

He is severely deluded, shallow, neurotic In fact, however, what wrenches the gut is the sameness of detail and emotion with which both torture and nouvelle cuisine are treated. Yes, the title amerika clearly suggests psychotic events will be found in the book but I wasn’t ready for th May 4,