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Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Turbulent Karachi is the backdrop for this intriguing Broken Verses – Kindle edition by Kamila Shamsie. Download. Turbulent Karachi is the backdrop for this intriguing, shimmeringly intelligent fourth novel by Shamsie (Kartography), which tells the story of. Fourteen years ago Aasmaani’s mother Samina, a blazing beauty and fearless activist, walked out of her house and was never seen again. Aasmaani refuses to.

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The story skillfully combines political intrigue with family dynamics. This talented writer needed a better editor. The last book where I identified with the experience was Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Americanah, and that was quite a while ago! This is shamaie woman who always felt she came second to others, that she wasn’t enough for her mother to want to stay, or even to want to live.

Broken Verses: Kamila Shamsie: Bloomsbury Paperbacks

Secondly, there seemed to much deliberate ‘westernisation’ of the characters and their interactions as if to make it more palatable for the non-asian readers? Mar 14, Michele J.

They are drawn together in a mystery that brings Aasmani the hope that she may find her mother and restore the versse pieces of her heart. Growing up in modern-day Pakistan, Aasmaani Inqalab is no stranger to government corruption and intrigue.

In this novel characters with what seem to be western sensibilities are grafted onto a setting in Pakistan. I was more curious as to why this book was chosen for the Muslim Journeys program. Books by Kamila Shamsie. Please try again later. When we finally leave her, she is making a documentary about her mother and the women’s movement in Pakistan, still fixated on the grandeur of the past, and still anxious about the trivialising influence of foreign places and modern life.

The first half of the novel is wonderful, but it tapers off in teh second half and becomes too self-conscious.


Her characters all belong to that niche upper crust social class minority whose lives, although interesting to get an insight on, are not representative of the larger society. Aasmaani, frequently abandoned by her mother, still dreams of her glorious return. View all 4 comments.

Jul 26, Robert Palmer rated it liked it. Ed’s immature behavior does not fit in with the importance and responsibilities of his job. Didn’t learn much about Pakistani anything. The tale of complexities of emotions and expectations both entwined with Love.

In parts I could relate to her but her aloofness was still her predominant characteristic that prevented me from fully grasping her. They are written in a very strong, distinct voice, and they succeeded in making me understand why Aasmani loved the Poet, a man one would forgive her for resenting.

The principle character, Aasmani is f My review of this novel is not complicated for a change! The lie you tell matters as much as the truth you champion. What I loved about this book was the lyrical prose which flowed so beautifully and easily that really captured you and drew you in. I believe that the people of America and all the countries of the Middle East need to understand each other and be able to relate so that we can establish a lasting peace between us.

Replace Sidhwa’s overt sexual imagery in favor of Shamsie’s Americanization. This woman is just as famous as they were, Pakistan’s greatest actress, who retired many years ago and is now making a comeback in a series for Aasmina’s TV company.

It was something I really knew very little about. Given its grand themes of nation, politics and art, however, this book’s philosophical arc is disappointingly constrained. But as mentioned above, I would have been happier with a simpler plot and 50 less pages.

Kartography is still my favorite of hers, but this is Shamsie at some of her poetic best. Refresh and try again.

Broken Verses

The mystery at the heart of the plot regarding the mysterious letters was well done. What strikes me most about the book is the analogy it draws with the past, poetry, women’s rights movement and bits off religion to boot. Amazon Second Chance Pass mamila on, trade it in, give it a second life. I think these characters made the biggest impact on me.


Paperbackpages. And they shammsie always there. The story revolves around some clues that arrive through the famous actress, Shehnaz Saeed, Samira’s close friend, and her son Ed. Kamila Shamsie makes an art out of writing as well as story-telling with ‘Broken Verses’ and excels in both. Broken Verses is not much of a departure in terms brkoen the scope; it has her usual amalgamation of character’s angst, political and religious elements interplaying with the complex and distinctive ethnic and social persona of Karachi.

Broken Verses: Kamila Shamsie: Bloomsbury Publishing

Knowing the history made the book richer, since the reader was made aware of events that a Pakistani would already be familiar with. In my effort to read all things Shamsie to prepare for reviewing her latest. I became her fan after reading In the City by the Sea. And Ed is one character without a backbone, a hypocritical-egotistical manipulator with mommy issues to boot, who even in his comparison to Merlin is not pitiable.

Breaking the code brings her revelation without peace. May 04, Karen C. When I finished it I just wanted to stay up all night and talk about it! The book starts out very samsie.

Overall, a promising premise let down by shoddy plot development. And will they lead her to her mother? I was powerfully drawn to them; The Poet and the Activist.