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Velika Šahovska Tabla has ratings and reviews. Keith said: Zbigniew Brzezinski is a technocrat on the same plain as a Henry Kissinger. He has b. Zbigniew Brzezinski. CID, – pages Bibliographic information. QR code for Velika šahovska tabla Author, Zbigniew Brzezinski. Translated by. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Velika šahovska ploča | ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI () bivši savjetnik za nacionalnu sigurnost predsjednika Cartera.

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Get it straight from the horse’s mouth, y’all! The Asian corner of Brzezinski’s chessboard looked pretty much as I expected.

Velika Šahovska Tabla

LPenting rated it did not like it Oct 27, Clear, concise, explanatory, written with a sure hand. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

He was a professor of American foreign policy at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies, a scholar at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, and a member of various boards and councils.

His writing is so dry and pretentious that once you start reading this you will never want to pick it up again and will look at it with dread when you see it on your nightstand and will accidentally get too far in to give up when after all, you set a goal for yourself to finish 50 books this year.

The case of Ukraine is interesting and the Crimea is mentioned. How many foresaw events there? He explains, for example: It is by no mistake that Brezinaki focuses on these continents, as according to the famous geopolitical theory, whoever controls Eurasia controls the world.

It would be reminiscent in scale and scope of the challenge once posed by the Sino-Soviet bloc, brezinski this time China would likely be the leader and Russia the follower. Pola veka kasnije pitanje se mora redefinisati: The book discusses why Sayovska supremacy is likely to remain and how the US differentiates clearly between geostrategic countries and geopolitically important ones and how the approach with each is being implemented.

It sqhovska flawed insofar as the shares the traditional presupposition of the state-centric Westphalian order as a necessary condition of international relations, rather than a historical contingent one.

We’ve made the exact mistakes he warned us not to sahivska, and we’ve made several other moves he anticipated to happen exactly as he played them out years ahead of time. Why France and Germany will play pivotal geostrategic roles, whereas Britain and Japan will not. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.


Velika Šahovska Tabla by Zbigniew Brzeziński (3 star ratings)

The book being two decades old, and me not being super familiar with geopolitics from the mid- to late’s, I didn’t get much out of this, other than it’s a complicated situation that is still complicated today. Of primary interest to me was his long section on our relations with China and Asia. I can say the time when America can do what she did before or what Britain and France did in 18’s and 19’s I just wish it didn’t take me so long to read this book.

Marline Valencia rated it did not like it Feb 16, If nothing else, this book is at least valuable for demonstrating how and why tact and image posturing are essential on the global field.

Can we really maintain that the states are at war in the Middle East for the sake of its people, and the abstract ideal of “democracy”? Therefore, I found it to be rather disturbing that such a man of influence had so greatly thought out how we could accomplish just that.

Best-selling author and former national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski offers a bold new global vision for extending American preeminence in the 21st Century. The most fascinating thing to me about this book was how well described and explained his theories and conclusions were. This limits the use of America’s power, especially its capacity for military intimidation. Want to Read saving…. Zona clave para cualquier potencia o grupo d potencias. Some of his claims are a bit suspect in their boldness, and he focuses perhaps a bit too much on particular “players and pivots” while staying silent on many others.

Michael rated it did not like it Dec 05, In his favour, at least talba has the brazen arrogance to inform us of what these quasi-human decision makers have in store for us ‘proles’. Zbigniew Brzezinski is a technocrat on the same plain as a Henry Kissinger. Zbig – xxxx off.

Velika Šahovska Tabla by Zbigniew Brzeziński (1 star ratings)

To view it, click here. I believe in Nations It is easier to kill than to control…. The American primacy is at the core of his vision, as his title indicates, but he does write that our global hegemony is limited. If you read his work with an objective eye, you will see that the concerns he addresses as the groundwork for this book are very important and indeed portent.


This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Known for his hawkish foreign policy at a time when the Democratic Party was increasingly dovish, he is a foreign policy realist and considered by some to be the Democrats’ response to Republican rea Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski was a Polish-American political scientist, geostrategist, and statesman who served as United States National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter from to It predates neo-con excesses, and it shows, but is still relevant as a read. An interesting perspective but from a highly subjective author who is dismissive of Eurasias dahovska not to mention absolute exclusion of Africa and South America.

So I read with interest his treatment of the area he calls the Eurasian Balkans: Good book, but already one can see how the author’s dream for Eurasia is coming apart. Take care of your OWN people. While I don’t agree with the author’s call for American leadership in Central Asia, and I find it funny he completely avoids any discussion about the positives a destabilized Mid East and Asia would offer to American hegemony, I did find this book to be informative about the American leadership’s view on sahovsa justification for our expensive missions abroad.

Brzezinski had some great ideas and the book is occasionally interesting but please, please skip it. Easily accessible to anyone with little prior knowledge about veilka, American or otherwise. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. A long and boring look at the future or Eurasian politics, this non-fiction work leaves nothing to the imagination and attempts to improve one’s vocabulary. Trivia About The Grand Chessbo An instructive reminder of how ambitious American geopoliticians were in the 90s.