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At first download the application form for BSNL JTO exam from this link. The application form is a part of BNSL exam notification and is. BSNL TMENT EXAM by KARNA SATISH from Only Genuine Products. 30 Day Replacement Guarantee. Free Shipping. Syllabus: Scheme and Syllabus for the Recruitment of Junior Telecom Officers ( Telecom) For Direct Recruitment of Junior Telecom Officers, an objective type.

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Large signal amplifiers, coupling methods, push pull amplifiers, operational amplifiers, wave shaping circuits. Conveyance and distribution systems of treated water, leakage and control, Rural water supply, Institutional and Industrial water supply. I have just logged a complaint. Access us on Mobile! Personal computers and their typical uses. I have not got the JTO admit card and even the acknowledgement.

Design of brick masonary as per I. Armature reaction and commutation. Digital Voltmeter and frequency counter. Errors for different type of inputs and stability criteria for feedback systems. You can buy a book. Elastic theories of Failure, simple and shear bending, Torsion of circular and rectangular section and simple members. LED operated in Fwd bias, etc. Fluid properties, pressure, thrust, Buoyancy, Flow Kinematics, integration, of flow equation, Flow measurement, Relative motion, Moment of momentum, Viscosity, Boundary layer and control, Drag, Lift, Dimensional analysis, Modeling, Cavitations, Flow oscillations, Momentum and Energy principles, in open cannel flow, Flow control, Hydraulic jump, Flow section and properties, Normal flow, Gradually varied flow, Flow development and losses in pipe flows, Measurements, Siphons, Surges and Water hammer, Delivery of Power Pipe networks.


Engineering Stream Section – I B. Microprocessors Microprocessor architecture – Instruction set and simple assembly language programming. Elements of two-element network synthesis. Hearing Impairment – Partially Deaf ii.

Construction, planning and Management: Cranes, hoists, lifting equipment. Original advertisement or photocopy of the format in the advertisement must not be used for applying and in case a candidate submits such an application the same will not be entertained.

Transducers; Electronic measurements of non-electrical quantities like temperature, pressure, humidity etc.

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Stability of sampled data system. Did any one get acknowledgemnt letter. Plz kindly send me the previous three years recruitment papers with answers. I send my application form to karnatka telecom circle.

Hi, I didn’t get acknowledgement letter saying my application is accepted Operational Amplifier, other linear integrated jgo and applications.

Computer Engineering, or v. Pure metals generally have- a high conductivity and low temperature coefficient b high conductivity and large temperature coefficient c low conductivity and [ Ceramics, Properties and applications.

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I sent my application to Lucknow up circle. In the ac bridge shown in the given figure, the value of Rx and Cx at balance will be Answer: Civil Engineering Stream Section – I: Tech or equivalent Engineering degree in Electrical Engineering.

The post of Bsnp. Types, Indian standard classification, absorption, saturation factor, bnl in masonry, influence of mortar strength and masonary strength. Elements of sound and vision broadcasting. L office but i don’t receive my roll number.

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The syllabus for engineering stream papers will be as given below. Instruments and Measurement Specialization Modeling and performance characteristics. Thyristor controlled reactors, switched capacitor networks. Rectifiers and power supplies. It contains solved 5 years question papers.

JTO results 2009, BSNL JTO exam 2008 Result

EM Theory Electric and magnetic fields. Skip to main content. Small exma amplifiers, biasing circuits, frequency response and improvement, multistage amplifiers and feed-back amplifiers, D. I am from Rajasthan Telephone circle. Micro Processors Specialization