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In the early phase of my long association with Morihiro Saito Sensei which end of his life, Saito Sensei always had along his copy of Budo in the Iwama Dojo. Here again, as usual, Saito Sensei refers to his master, Morihei Ueshiba. The aim is to create, with the assistance of the traditional budo style of aikido.

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In this way, you can use aikido for many things. Each master probably has his own philosophies, but I do not like to talk too much.

Go outside and let the sparrows fall from the trees! Or when the other one is a restraint person, you should spur on and encourage them. But wherever possible, you should shout out loud. It is not powerful and has no energy. Dojo cho Aiki Dojo:: But also if another person attacks, you should step back and listen to him or her carefully to avoid a contention.

I have tried many different martial arts, but I think it was this that Bdo liked about aikido. If it should happen that you are confronted with a real situation where you have to defend yourself physically, the way you have trained in aikido is more useful than competitions.

It is necessary to learn these basics in their correct order to be able to understand the real aikido.

We’ll bueo inhere, several quotations from the founder This never stops, it is infinite like a spring. There are so many techniques of self-defense without violence.

He said that you should shout from the abdomen. It is true that people are different. That is why in aikido, even if the principle of the sword is formative, all the movements in the body techniques, as well as in the weapons techniques, are entirely similar.

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They are a part of it. Site Map Contact us Printable format. That is why weapons are an especially important part of aikido. That is why O’Sensei said that we should always train with seriousness and the feeling that we are surrounded by numerous attackers. It is better not to talk too much, but to learn with the body.

It may not be incorrect aikido, but this is what O’Sensei said. Some people can talk well, but if you watch them closely, they do an aikido no one can understand. That is why competition is not necessary. It is not a martial art only for strong or fit people. When O’Sensei started to talk about aikido, it became tales about God.

This is the feeling of aikido. Indeed in martial arts a big kiai is a sign of good energy. It will be welcome. That is the moment where they can be overcome. O’Sensei would answer the question, “What is Aikido?

There are also methods to suppress kiai, but with O’Sensei, it was different. How shall I put it?

“Your Key to Understanding the Evolution of Modern Aikido Technique!”

Anyone can practiceunderstand, and reason with it. That means without competition. There are many aikido masters, but only a few who had a lot of teaching from O’Sensei himself. No matter which of the three you take out, bokken, jo, or taijutsu, alone it is not complete aikido. The aim is to create, with the assistance of the traditional budo style of aikido, a beautiful world that is like the house of a big family; to never compete again.


This is the demand of O’Sensei. Some people say aikido buso a collection of techniques, but that is not true. The Founder wrote a poem that says, “This beautiful form of heaven and earth is a single family created by the guardian spirit.

It is bud to make kiai. Therefore, for every technique, there is a asito form. Aikido is a martial art.

Interview with SAITO Sensei – Iwama Ryu Aikido

O’Sensei always said, “When you do not engage for the humanity and the world, I will not teach you. Some learn with their minds by listening, while others learn with their zaito by watching. A variation of a sairo of aikido can be applied to anyone, big or small, obese or slim, stiff or supple. It comes by itself.

So aikido is especially useful in real life encounters and situations because we train in a variety of ways that are not necessary to use strength nor violence. I think that every martial art is rational; however, for aikido this is especially true. In true budo, you do not express yourself in words or writing. This interview has been reproduced here thanks to the kind authorization of Franziska Roller and Volker Hochwald. Make a bigger kiai!

Training without kiai does not make big progress. No matter how good one is in judo, if he or she takes a kendo sword and looses against a student, he or she is not a Budoka, but a Judoka. Besides that, this martial art is completely rational.