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The other day I stumbled on a Make Use Of article about buzztouch, a “iPhone, iPad, Android app builder Aug 07, 18 · Mobile Zone · Tutorial.

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Buzztouch Scringo Integration BT 2.

An Overview of buzztouch, A Mobile App CMS for Non-Programmers

Aviary SDK Buzztouch plugin demo 2 using camera to acquire image and then editing it and saving to photo album. I finally managed to get my app running in the simulator!

Fire up Android Studio. If anyone is interested in the steps to compile for release, let me know and I will type them up and post on here.

Buzztouch Tutorials 13 http: Buzztouch — Update It is easier than you think! Once you’ve created the app, you can then download the native source code for the app: Buzzyouch Hi Tyrone, Yeah, it’s kinda weird in Studio.

Login to participate so you can start earning points. It’ll keep you busy. Is there anything that shows up in LogCat when you try to load the screen?


Oct 25, USA 60, It is a must read for Plugin Developers. Thank you Buzztouch Just wanted to thank Buzztouch. Honored to be a Drexel Tutoriaal Alum … From: In Eclipse, maps were not working in the emulators.

Tony Comments Well done master of the Android world!!! Angry Ninja Development Views: Excellent video Mark thank you – my appetite now wet for Studio testing!!!!

Buzztouch Tutorials 4 http: Buzztouch Tutorials 20 http: Learn how to import the new files, the required Goog… From: Also make sure you have the Android 4. Buzztouch advanced splash screen plugin!!

RonBo buzztouch Evangelist Posts: How to Copyright your Buzztouch App In this document, Smug Wimp goes through the process to copyright your app content.

Once I sort those out, I’ll at least know how to create apk using AS. The future funkiest iOS menu screen on Buzztouch I finally mastered it yipee only been working on this plugin tutirial about 6 months Available for buzztouch download https: I’ll start a list of plugins I have working later tonight.

That will start the install process.


Best Buzztouch Videos |

Ensure plugins are either Android only or Android and iOS. Thanks Mark that worked! Buzztouch Developers 6 25 14, 3 02 PM From: Please don’t hesitate to provide constructive criticism if you have any! Comments Loved the step by step got my app to compile.

Buzztouch How To’s | FREE iOS and Android App Maker

A walkthrough of buzztouch and how to build your first app. Create a debug keystore if you don’t already have one. When to Publish or Compile an Android Project This contribution from bigPaul shows visually how to know when you should publish or compile your Android project. Dec 26, Johannesburg, S I just setup a few projects in Android Studio and won’t be going back auto loading imports is just awesome.

Mark Comments If you guys can wait until early next week, I plan on doing a video that covers how to do a release vs.