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The tremolo has become one of b.y.o.c.’s most popular kits through word of mouth. And with good difficulty of the build is low. Welcome to /r/DIYPedals! This is an open community for the do-it-yourself pedal builders of reddit! Please use this subreddit to share. Shop new and used tremolo and vibrato pedals on Reverb. One of the oldest and most beloved effects ever conceived, tremolo and vibrato pedals have stood.

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It could be an issue whereby the specific gain of the transistors in this circuit is important, and your 2N were nearer to the required figure than your 2N Just built this and it sounds fantastic. Bypass signal working with LED off. Any suggestions on changes to mellow it down? Maybe IvIark or Mirosol could clear this moment. Same thing when I did it. Besides the tremolo pedal, there’s some reverb going on, but no other effects.

I couldn’t find 2n, so Bjoc bought 2n Good layout, but I can confirm as well that the Rate pot wiring is incorrect. Hi, I’ve got a little bit of distortion tremoli effect is engaged.

byoc tremolo? | Harmony Central

Also wanted to say I’ve built the 4 knob keely comp and sparkle drive from this place and think its an awesome resource full of helpful chat.


I’ve compare your layout with the schematic on BYOC website and everything is correct. The treomlo of Q4 makes no connection in the bypassed state, and so when you turn the effect on it also grounds the emitter which turns the LFO on and as a result also starts the indication LED pulsing in sync with the set speed. I’m pretty confident that the layout matches the schematic, so something is amiss somewhere.

Just have the led blinking and boc on both mode. I tried this one and the chopper trem by Ian Mcdermott, and i have the same “issue” with both. I’ve never heard a Demeter. Results 20 to 28 of I tried to get the wife to make Warren cakes, but the kids wouldn’t leave the house. Echovinz 16 March at Cool surf tones DVM! Here is a video! This way, LED is always blinking. Just finished it and it works perfectly!

It is different from the normal offboard wiring method because it uses one pole of the switch to kill the LFO. IvIark 17 May at Sounds like there is an issue with your offboard wiring.

Eduardo Moreno 9 October at So lesson learnt for me – read more before building, including other forums. Could this be modified? I may need to check for a short as it sounds horible on its own. Yboc pedal can help you totally cop that sound. Can you post the pics.


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Gavin J Horsburgh 28 March at Peavey hp exp, Squier 51 gfs liverpool in bridge Brass bottom in neckSquier jazzmaster Amps: Here’s some pictures and voltages. That could explain a part of it. When depth knob is at maximum, the tremolo effect is far from what i could see on working clones on YT. What resistor value should I use and across which lugs?

They are roughly eqiuvalent, and along with 2N are commonly swapped around in the same circuits as substitutes. The stomp is wired in an unusual way so I have shown exactly how to do it.

byoc tremolo?

For what it’s worth, if you have an tube amp with FX loop, try this pedal in it. I put in a k C for a reverse log and it acted like a k A. Sorry guys I totally missed this, I will update the layout and tag it.

Have you given that one a go? I am wondering if I could have also used trimmers with the 2ns to get trrmolo this. Nick 28 February at The thing that confuses me straight away is that you’re showing 6.