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Assurance. Assurance Introduction and Assurance Program · Assurance Details: How can I get CAcert Assurance Points (APs)?. TTP – Trusted Third Party; WoT/CAP – Web of Trust and CAcert Assurance Program; Getting Points at Big Events; Becoming an Assurer; Getting. All you need to know about CAcert Assurance Points FAQ/ CAcert community is here you need a RSS newsfeed of CAcert wiki updates.

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Welcome to the CAcert Wiki – FREE digital certificates for everyone

If someone tried to use faked IDs or otherwise tried to obtain an assurance by fraud, file a dispute by emailing support at c. For several reasons some deviations of this preferred standard are accepted. Middle names and academic titles may be omitted Reason: Eventually, they developed a policy which required that CAcert improved their management caceet and deepened their formal verifications, auditing in particular.

Retrieved 22 February How is privacy protected? She is not responsible because she is not an Assurer. More specific information as well as many examples can be found at PracticeOnNames. A CAcert community member has a Asdurance login account see the Assurance Policy Such an account is the link between the Member person and the CAcert system, and information regarding the member like name, DoB, assurance status is linked to that account.

CAcert – CAcert Wiki

Because they are nowadays actively disabled by operating systems and applications, older MD5 signed certificates are not of any help to access a website with HTTPS. In general, a minor may be able to enter into an agreement with permission of the parent or legal guardian. If the location we choose is outside of my normal travels, I may ask you for a reasonable compensation to cover my time and travel. Practice documents are also leading for Arbitration. This is every time a problem for people from Anglo-American culture asskrance speak, so I moved to the “Rufname” or “roepnaam”: InclusionStatus How many people use CAcert?


Co-audits are most often conducted during ATE s, so you should try and attend. Give the Member a business card with your Name, email address and title of CAcert Assurer, if possible.

FAQ/AssuranceDetails – CAcert Wiki

This is not a trivial task, don’t just trust your mailer’s icon! You may use the page AcceptableDocuments as a starting point for such a research. Server certificates are valid for 2 years.

A CA defines the aszurance meaning of a certificate in its documentation. Germany its age is under 18 years, for other countries this may vary The Assurer starts a regular assurance The first Assurer hands out to the Junior Member a ParentsKit that includes a ParentsForm and an info package.

Though some thought has been given to other regions, it might be not suited well ccacert special situations. Rule 2 Diacritical marks accents and similar things may be omitted Reason: At that conference, I was able to earn assurance points. There is nothing that would explicitly prohibit this Assurance from being completed at this time.

What it means to be a Member. In mind, that the full name as seen in users IdDoxs is documented onto the CAP form, it doesn’t causes to decrease Assurance points as it fulfills the requirements for AP and Arbitration if the Assurer has confidence into the members identity. Here are some tips. To avoid issues like this one, CAcert shall review if having multiple assurer accounts is acceptable Source: Exceptions see below in “Major Variations”.

If the other Member is not an Assurer as yet, then if the other Member is unsure, you may keep the CAP form s on her behalf and take responsibility for both Assurances which is why the form itself has both sets of details on it.

In order to signal a statement assurznce reliance, you can add the term “This is a reliable statement. So therefor, we check: If you encounter such a situation, feel free to explain it on the Education mailing list. If the form is already signed ask the applicant to repeat the signature somewhere else on the form.


The assurer has to make an arrangement how the signed ParentsForm receives the Assurer and the signed parents form can be returned to the Junior Member, maybe possible by snail-mail, or a second face-to-face meeting. Ulrich relates to Oldrik I’m not a citizen from the Netherlands, assurannce the Dutch country variation doesn’t apply ij vs. I try to post announcements when I am attending conferances or other professional meetings. Please consider adding at aasurance effective date and perhaps version number not just copyright to each one.

Retrieved cacet March Multiple Names and variations The Known Country Variations section gives advice to the Assurers, how they can handle Names according to the descriptions given in each individual section Known Country Variations: A browser cannot create a client certificate I cannot renew my certificate – How to renew an expired certificate for Windows using Linux, and how to do it using Firefox Problem 3 You don’t have a Domain name but still want a Server Cert? Document missing names on the CAP.

Therefore, since having multiple assurer accounts is not required, it is strongly advised not assuramce allow them.

The Standard of Assurance IMHO this paragraph still needs some work to be less confusing for newbie and assugance assurers. Dates Dates – the magic 8 numbers The change split the old points into Assurance Points and Experience Points. Other ways, like advertising yourself among your friends and colleagues, are left at your discretion. Indonesian place name spelling issues BE As Belgium is bilingual you have to decide whether you are dealing with a Flemish firstname “roepnaam” then see the Netherland country variations.

Portuguese people have up to four surnames, here again one is sufficient. If you are dealing with French first names see the French country variations.